View Full Version : people in the Armed servies with Learning Disbilities anyone here that has a story???

03-17-06, 04:34 PM
Is there anyone you know of that has a Learning disbility and serves their country how did you overcome and get where you were despite unbelievable circumstances???

06-26-06, 05:39 PM
as far as I know you are not allowed to serve in the military with any type of disability. I just poste some thing for someone else on this topic in another forum. check it out. Try the adult forum or the general forum.

06-26-06, 05:44 PM
Probably the biggest employer of ADHDers would be the miltary. I would imagine that many hide it. Below the section on ADHD is a section on LD's.

Some interesting reading here ->

Attention Deficit Disorder

DoD Directive 6130.3 addresses the topic of attention deficit disorder under the general DSM-III-R heading of "behavior disorders."

DoD Directive 6130,3 provides in part:

The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment, and induction are:


Personality or behavior disorders, as evidenced by frequent encounters with law enforcement agencies, antisocial attitudes or behavior that, while not sufficient cause for administrative rejection, are tangible evidence of impaired characterological capacity to adapt to military service.

Personality or behavior disorders where it is evident by history, interview, or psychological testing that the degree of immaturity, instability, personality inadequacy, impulsiveness, or dependency will seriously interfere with adjustment in the Armed Forces as demonstrated by repeated inability to maintain reasonable adjustment in school, with employers and fellow workers and other social groups....

Note that the fact of a behavior disorder is not disqualifying unless it is likely to prevent reasonable adaptation to military life. Therefore, the existence of AD/HD, in itself, is not disqualifying for military service.

Medication: The current use of medications in order to assist in managing the symptoms of AD/HD is per se disqualifying even if the medication would effectively enable the applicant to adapt to military life.

DoD Directive 6130.3 provides in part:

current use of medication to improve or maintain academic skills (e.g., methlyphenidate hydrochloride) is disqualifying.

Therefore, many applicants with ADD are effectively barred from military service.

06-26-06, 06:15 PM
also deps witch par the world your from dorm

06-05-07, 11:36 AM
i was rejected when i try to join any arm services so not really i dont any

06-08-07, 08:08 PM
I know the ADA does not neccessarily apply to the military. I considered going to a maritime school however, they would have denied half the accomodations I am use to getting.

Hi Marytza

Are you talking any ADD meds? I know the military often does not allow them, even in academic or testing setting.