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10-19-03, 09:28 PM
As a fibro sufferer I am looking forward to seeing what effect the meds have on my symptoms. Does anyone have any experience with this?

10-20-03, 12:09 AM
Not here but I'm very interested in the responses as my wife has both ADD and fibromyalgia...

03-15-04, 12:22 AM
WC it should have some effect.. my doctor informed me that fibromyalgia is also a lack of serotonin in the brain along with a decreased blood flow. That is one reason he put me on wellbutrin xl other than for my depression.

concerned mom
03-19-04, 04:41 AM
I know my mother inlaw takes darvocet for the pain .. she says it works off and on for the pain .. she also has graves

03-20-04, 10:17 PM
I have flexeril for pain.. but so far nothing stronger..and there have been days lately when I have needed something. Lots of pain recently!

03-27-04, 03:04 AM
I take several meds.
Flexeril is actually a muscle relaxer though.
Here is my list.
Flexeril, Soma =both muscle relaxers
Tramadol = For pain relief although it really only helps my ciatic nerve and arthritis.
Neurontin = although this is used mainly for seizures it has been found to help FMS.
Paxil = for panic attacks.
Vicodin = pain pill (only taken when my ciatic flares up real bad and I'm bent over and having to use a walker even to get around in the house.
Although taking all of these medications seems like a lot. They do help to lessen the amount of pain most of the time. I have stopped taking some of these meds for a month or so to see if there was any difference. And it seems it takes the cocktail to make a difference. Even discontinuing even one of them and I'm right back in agony.

03-27-04, 11:36 PM
In case anyone missed my other post... Doctor finally prescribed Darvacet for me to help ease the pain. WHEWWWWWWWW!!!

04-25-04, 06:48 PM
Can you function normally on that cocktail? I would think some of those medications would cancel out the effectiveness of the other because you talking about a series of so many different drug families. Have you tried message therapy? It is wonderful for me!

05-12-05, 11:55 PM
hi all, i'm on tramadol for pain and it helps a little bit.
just started lyrica and it doesn't help with pain so far and makes me dangerously groggy but no sleep still.
best help is my methylphenadate ( equasym) just wouldn't cope/mmove without it.