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03-23-06, 04:21 AM
I am a 23-yr/old male college student and just recently had two visits with a psychiatrist to see if I have adult ADD and some issues with depression. I know for a fact that I am a prime candidate for ADD as I fit many of the symptoms.. had just put it off for way too long. This was my first time with a psychiatrist. Recently, since separating from the military and moving to school, I have fallen into depression. I don't have many close friends and find myself in a rutt, on and off all day, everyday. I just can't get motivated or up for anything.. at first I could deal with it but at this point it's starting to take over my life.

After two visits with my doctor I was prescribed 450mg of Trileptal, twice a day. I am only on my second day of medication so it will take a while for it to set in. I was surprised to find out that Trileptal is for epilepsy and seizures as I have never experienced anything like that. It is a 'mood stabilizer' but will that help ADD symptoms? I think I had just expected to get on two drugs (ie. Aderall and an anti-depressant). I just hope I was prescribed this to kill two birds with one stone; however, I'm very nervous that I have been given a faulty diagnosis. From what I have read, this drug is in it's 'experimental phase' with things such as bipolar depression.

Does anyone have any knowledge or past experience with Trileptal? Is Trileptal OK for a combination of ADD/depression? Any advice would help as I have yet to find any solid information on this...

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03-23-06, 03:28 PM
I can tell you my husband's experience:

He has been diagnosed with depression and ADHD (primarially inattentive). He takes Lexapro and Concerta. I recently accompanied him to a medication appointment and gave the doctor information that showed my husband may be bi-polar, instead of simply depressed.

In response, the doc will put my husband on a trial of Trileptal starting in April. If the Trileptal works, the doc will consider giving him the tests and interviews again that originally gave the depression and ADHD diagnoses, and depending on the results he'll consider an attempt at weaning my husband off the Lexapro and Concerta.

I'm telling you this because if my husband's doctor is right about all of this (and you'll note some of was "we'll try" or "he'll consider"), then we'll end up with a man who was showing symptoms of depression and ADHD being only on Trileptal. Which is what your doc seems to be starting you with.

Did you get an actual "diagnosis" before the prescription? Or did the doc not tell you that? Also, are you overweight by any chance? There were several medications my husband's doctor considered, but many of them had a side-effect of weight gain. My husband is already overweight, and has some health concerns as a result of it. Trileptal was the only medication the doc was considering that came *without* the potential side effect of weight gain, so it's the one he went with.

We were told it was a relatively new medication, and that there was no guarantee it would work, but that it seemed the most likely, or at least the most likely one for a first try for him.

So, it doesn't seem to be out of the realm of possibility. I look forward to hearing if it works for you.

03-23-06, 05:10 PM
I'll tastefully refrain from any remarks over how this effected your affect:)

The same thing happens at work with people screwing up Agra instead of correctley saying Agora phobia.

I usually ask why they're suddently afraind of heights:)

The other mistake is saying medication "regimes" instead of "regimine."