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03-29-06, 10:03 AM
Hey again,

I'm 21 and recently diagnosed ADD.

If you read in the new member thread, you saw where I had some trouble convincing my mom that medication would be a positive thing, but I finally convinced her we should try it.

I originally went to a psychologist for other reasons, but he confirmed my belief that I have ADD. He sent me to an ADD specialist.

Now I have been diagnosed by two psychologists, one an ADD specialist.

My family doctor, however, told me he doesn't deal with ADD at all and always refers to psychiatry. My psychologist strongly recommended I not go to the psychologist my family doctor recommended.

Instead, he told me to go to this no-waiting walk-in clinic where he personally knows an NP.

The first day I went (and waited) the NP wasn't there. The next time I went (and waited), she said she couldn't RX CII drugs and to come back when the Dr. was there.

I went back and saw the Dr., and he said he couldn't RX CII drugs because it was a walk-in clinic.

Any suggestions on finding a family doctor willing to deal with this?

The walk-in clinic was willing to RX wellbutrin or stratera, but I don't want an antianxiety or antidepression drug, and I've heard that stratera has some negative emotional/mood side effects besides just being generally ineffective.

I'm tempted to send letters to local family doctors explaining my situation.

Your assistance is appriciated,

03-29-06, 01:01 PM
For some people Strattera works extremely well -- my impression is that is especially true for non hyperactive individuals. The success stories are less likely to get on the boards to discuss things than those who have problems.

Again with Wellbutrin, we have long time members of this board who have had good results with Wellbutrin for many years (just not the generic kind). Everybody is a little different. You might also look up this link -- it's a study about the effectiveness of Wellbutrin for treating ADHD.

You might consider giving one of these a try. If they aren't as effective as needed a doctor might be willing to try a stimulent medication in addition or instead of these medications.

Good luck,

03-29-06, 03:16 PM
Two drugs that are used as "Off-Label" ADD/ADHD medications are: EFFEXOR and WELLBUTRIN. (Off-Label prescribing means they are meant for one condition, but used for another. They are Anti-Depressants used as ADHD meds.)

IIRC <?>, Dr. Hallowell mentioned it recently. Perhaps it was mentioned in his new book, Delivered From Distraction? [If it is there, you could photocopy it and take it to your Doctor/NP.)

Both are usually stimulating, so they paradoxically "calm down" the ADHD brain.

I have also heard that Selegiline (another anti-depressant; a Patch is supposed to be coming out; Someone at Harvard is working on this) and Moclobemide (not avail in USA) work well,too. I used the latter for a while.

NB. Stimulant medication can be a problem for those who suffer from Anxiety. (Tendency toward Anxiety can happen in those with Depression. They frequently travel together, even if it is dormant at times.)

03-29-06, 03:27 PM
You said you had TESTING.
Take your PAPER REPORT from the Psychologist with you...that will prove your Diagnosis.

If everything STILL fails, try to get to a bigger city centre and find a Psychiatrist there.

03-29-06, 07:06 PM
I highly suggest looking into another psychiatrist, one who specializes in ADHD. I've run into many GP's who don't keep up to date on ADHD and some are even reluctant to prescribe meds.

Here's the West Virginia forum, you might find docs

Here's a directory of ADD professionals

You can also call your insurance and ask them what psychiatrists are in your area.