View Full Version : I Really need some advice i am really confused

03-29-06, 03:51 PM
Hello ADDers:eyebrow:

ok about 3 weeks ago i lost my medication (Ritland LA) and i went to the doctor hospital trying to replace it but of course, they said no. anyway, while the meds have been out of my system i have been a totally diffrent person. to begin with i am letting my hair out and i feel more gregarious (wanting to let my hair out and sexier clothing) and more approachable than i have i ever felt. off the meds i am am the total opposite. i am very consevitive and i am very calm and not as social. i dont know what to do i was wondering if anyone knew of any medications for add that don't alter your personality so much and in turn your life or is it just me? as an adder i want to be alright and be my whole self but i don't know about these meds if anyone can help me please help me out!

Jay Jay
03-30-06, 10:09 AM
Anytime I go through a medicine change, I get shifts in mood and even personality as my brain chemistry alters. The change is not always as positive as yours, and is usually very temporary. As far as a medicine that made me "let my hair down" as you say. Strattera was the worst "offender" for that.

steven d
03-30-06, 01:14 PM
For me, no. ADD meds make me more clearminded, but they also have bad sides. They don't always work. I have never been very social, meds do improve my socialness, simply because I can track conversations a littlebit better.

The meds do not "change personality", IMO.

03-31-06, 11:10 PM
ok i made a mistake in my post. i am socialble with or without the medication its just that when i am on the meds, i am more conservative. however, when i am off the meds i feel more like letting my hair down and dancing and just getting around. but, as i think about it even though all of that is great, i do have trouble following conversations and class lectures. thanks you guys for helping me to see. as for stratera, i tried that and it had the WRONG effects on me. if i had a boyfriend now, i would have stayed on them, if you catch my drift lol!