View Full Version : Doctor put me on Concerta and its not working

04-07-06, 12:33 AM
Went to the doc today and got my first script of Concerta. Now Ive never tried any other ADD medicine out there yet so this is my first. But what made me think I had ADD was one day I was really tired and needed something to pick me up and I heard you could eat the cotton rod out of the Benzedrex inhaler and get good results from it. The active ingredient in the inhaler is Propylhexedrine and when I took it I was amazed at what I felt. I was calm, motivated, and happy for once in my life. It calmed my mind and energized my body it was perfect. I felt like I could actually become something of myself I could be whoever I wanted to be. I had suffered from anxieties ever since I was born and this worked better on my anxieties than xanax ever did. But now today that Ive tried Concerta I was dissappointed it was like taking caffiene. At first I felt a little calm but it never built up and I never got the feeling of wellbeing. It never got me motivated to do what I need to do. then it gave me energy but it wa bad energy I couldn't use it and it made me angry and tired. Than later I just got tired and didn't care about anything I just wanted to sleep. Anyways now Im wondering why did Propylhexedrine work so good and Concerta not? Would getting on Adderall work for me because I heard amphetamines and propylhexedrine are closely related? Are there any cases here were ritalin didn't work and adderall did? Thanks for your help.

04-07-06, 12:53 AM
Now since Im not at work and doing nothing but sitting down on a couch searching the internet. Ive noticed the effects of ritalin a little more. It's different than caffeine I have a feeling of a buzz in my head. Its like I have more pressure in my skull maybe more blood flowing to my brain? It's like what I got from Propylhexedrine but closer to feeling like a headache and without the motivation to do work and learn. The feeling of wellbeing just isn't there.

04-07-06, 01:28 AM
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Try and be patient. Finding the right medication or medications, and the right dosage, can be a moderately long process of trial and error. It may be the fact that Concerta is a long-acting or time-released form. It doesn't peak at the same level as a normal ritalin, but is supposed to have longer lasting effects.