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04-10-06, 09:23 AM
If not here then where? I am a resident of St. Louis Park in the Twin Cities. I am 45, I've lived my life adjusted to the the life of ADD (inatentive). Short story, Adderall, and or Dexadrine offers great relief. yada yada yada.

:faint: My issue is this, The MD(s) I have approached are reluctant to prescribe greater than the recommended dosage of the PDR. So, in my brilliance, I began seeing two MD(s). Problem solved. :rolleyes: I learned, through listening to my body and trusting myself, 60-ish mg of IR is an excelent dosage for me. Having had Gastric By-pass Surgery, ANY XR formulas are less effective mechanically.

So, Silly me. No only are the MD(s) scared as a hell to prescribe stimulants, two of the five had me go through the "addiction" screening process. Which I "passed" (geez, the hoops). Well somewhere is the process, the left hand talked to the right hand and here I sit, no MD and of course no meds assistance. :eyebrow:

What I want is this:
I want a resource, a group, a doctor of some sort that not only specialize and see this stuff everyday but that realize and are willing to be and remain cutting edge in the Adult ADD arena. I understand the Adult part is new and the "bugs" arent worked out. Of course these are stimuilants, of course they are dangerous, I have scoured the web in my "textbook" add fashion. I am in tune with my body and am over loaded with knowledge on this stuff.

:soapbox: RANT: Where are the MD(s), groups, etc. that empathize, trust and support? Your experience PLEASE! Doctors, Places, Groups. . . AAAAAgghhh!

Blessings, Larry

04-19-06, 12:37 AM
Here's what I came up with:

Allina Behavioral Health
Unity Hospital campus (Lyric building)

Clinic for Learning and Memory
430 Oak Grove Suite 414
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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