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04-13-06, 01:04 AM
Hey, I've just registered on this site, went on the creative endeavors (i always thought this was written with an ou, but then again, i'm not a native speaker) forums, and was really impressed with the existence of the cooking section. So... I would like to share with you my (family) recipe for cooking in a frying pan. First I should say that ever since I came to the UK for studies I used to mostly eat fast food, but then got really ****ed at my newly-aquired beer/junk belly (lawl, I hope the term is correct - I've now lost it anyway) and started cooking my own meals (mostly consistent of protein, because I started boxing as well - been off sports for years, it really was about time). Anyway, my two "specialities" are a modified rip-off off my mom's way of cooking meat (I kinda hate oven stuff). I should add here, that my mom's a paediatricinan, so really strict on fat and stuff, therefore continue reading if you were about to stop cause it's actually healthy as well! (at least i hope it is!)

The Ingridients - One person meal

1 Chicken or Beef fillet
Olive Oil
Two medium sized tomatoes
Oregano & Salt
Picles (Hope spelling is correct)
Sweetcorn (canned)
Some Bread

Ok, here goes. First of I ready the fillet. If it's frozen I leave it in a bowl of water so it defrosts progressively.

Then I put on the frying pan 2-3 mm of water and oil in a 2 parts water 1 oil ratio. It is important the oil is olive oil since it has a distinct flavour other types of oil simply lack. Put the pan on the cooking thing, and when it's all heated up throw the meat in.

Spread oregano and salt on the meat, on both sides.

Cover the pan (you have to have a lid with some small holes or at least don't cover the pan completely) and turn the heat to 2/3 max of the cooking things power (that is to say, really hot). Turn the meat over a couple of times so that it gets cooked evenly.

When the water has almost evaporated and only the oil remains, turn the heat off to 1/4th of the power, so that it cooks slowly for the remainder and turn the meat over a couple of times more (I usualy turn it over a couple more than just a couple but I partly do that because I'm bored -_-).

While the meat is being cooked you have time to prepare the dish you'll be serving yourself in; Cut the tomatoes in 4 (or if they're bigger than medium, 8) pieces, and the picles in about 3 each (use 2 picles). Throw some salt and oregano on the tomatoes and then a little bit of olive oil on them.

After the meat is cooked, place it on the dish, throw some sweetcorn over the whole thing (meat, tomatoes everything) -- but just some, right? It's mostly for colour gratification.

Your dinner's ready! Quick to prepare (usually takes me 20-25 minutes approx), low fat, because the meat is mostly cooked in the water, and not fried in the oil - it's like boiling it. Add a bit of bread for carbo and it's actually a pretty solid meal. Friends that tried it told me they liked it as well (but they might be lying, or at least, given that we are all students, they might have forgotten what good food actually tastes like).

Note: My mother used to tell me it's the traditional recipie the Greek soldiers of WWII used to prepare their meat (supposedly because it uses more water than oil). But I was young then, so she might have been telling me that only so that I would eat it :faint: . Later I forgot to ask, and since I started cooking only for a month now, I don't really now if it's a well-known way of cooking meat or not. If it's just the way ALL people cook in a pan, forgive me for posting a stupid thread :P


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