View Full Version : Yahoo! Makes Virus Scanning Mandatory

10-23-03, 08:19 PM
Enterprises that permit employees to use Web-based e-mail accounts just got a little security assistance from one of the world's largest ISPs.

Yahoo! announced this week that it's making virus scanning mandatory for all attachments using its popular Web-based e-mail program. Until now, the practice had been optional, according to Reuters news service.

In addition, Yahoo! this week announced a new spam-fighting tool that creates up to 500 variations of a users' "base name" to use when shopping online or joining newsgroups and chat rooms--all popular ways to inadvertently generate unsolicited e-mail.

Yahoo! antispam services now include the new AddressGuard, which creates a fake name and subsequent decoys that can be scrapped once spam starts coming to that address. It's also beefing up its junk mail filters.

Though spam remains more an annoyance than security risk for enterprises, there have been published reports that the virus-writing community is developing Trojans and other malicious code to help spam propagate. Some analysts say spam now accounts for one-third of all e-mail, costing corporations billions of dollars annually in lost productivity.