View Full Version : My Favourite Snacks: Crumpets with Ice Cream and Strawberries

04-16-06, 06:58 AM
Mmmmm.... I'm craving a sweet snack. I love the texture and taste of hot and cold together, sweet on sweet. Devillishly good food!

Time for some Crumpets with Ice Cream and Strawberries!

You will need:
A dinner plate/ a bread and butter plate
A toaster (preferably one with 'crumpet control' setting) - if you don't have a toaster, use the grill or whatever you use to make your toast!
A butter/dinner knife
A chopping board
A dessert/soup spoon
Ice cream scoop if you need it to scoop the ice cream

1 - 2 round or square crumpets per person (depending on appetite)
As many fresh strawberries as you think you need
A good quality vanilla ice cream (yellow stuff, not white!)

It's quick, it's simple:

Toast the crumpets to how you like them.

While the crumpets are in the toaster, cut up your strawberries into slices (between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick) and discard the green leafy bits and the hard white bit.

Have your ice cream and spoon ready!.... You have to do the next bit really quickly, before the crumpets go cold!

POP! Out come the crumpets. Hope they're not burnt!! Now take them out, oh careful they're HOT! and put them on your plate. Scoop out THIN sheets of ice cream (less than half inch thick) and lay that out onto the crumpet. Press it in with the back of the spoon.

Once covered, layer strawberries. Add more layers of ice cream and strawberries if you're feeling more extravagent!

Eat quickly before the ice cream melts too much and the crumpets to cold.


- use just ice cream
- use another flavour
- do the same on toast, raisin toast, chocolate toast, hot cross buns (oh I must try that now that I've said it!!)
- another berry
- grated / melted chocolate
- ice cream topping

anything you can think of!

Post your variations here!

And... stay tuned for more of My Favourite Snacks!

04-16-06, 08:02 AM
gee, and just as I started *another* diet today:p :p

04-17-06, 04:29 AM
Just make it a crumpet diet, Tracy! :)

04-17-06, 07:49 AM
LOL..okie..crumpet I come:D :D

04-20-06, 02:56 PM
i love d crumpts one my favs food hummmmy lol dorm

04-24-06, 08:30 AM
yes, that snack is the perfect combination of fantastic foods!

i also love crumpets with....

just butter

butter and honey (not too much honey)

butter and vegemite (only someone from Australia or NZ will udnerstand, please note, i don't put a thick layer on it!)

no butter, but with the CRUNCHY variety of peannut butter. it's great, the big nutty pieces fall into the holes.