View Full Version : does anyone know of a good, "stimulant-friendly" psychiatrist in richmond, va?

04-17-06, 01:17 AM
any referrals you could send would be greatly appreciated. though diagnosed bipolar II,all too many signs point towards a diagnosis of add. at times, i severely question the diagnosis of manic-depression. my infrequent bouts of "hypomania" show their heads whenever i am presented with sudden, dramatic, and unexpected change--such as new job/moving to new apartment, etc. other than that, i had one hypomanic spell that was spurred by my being on clomipramine. however, my bouts of depression last longly throughought the year. highlighted, they are, by a constant lack of energy, concentration, and most importantly, i've not a fruitful smidgeon of volition--in the arena of any goal-oriented activities.

here is a list of drugs i've taken in the past:


also, i took benthanechol and amantadine to combat the urinary-ish side-effects of the tri-cyclics. and as another side note: after copious amounts of reading and study, i took it upon myself to experiment with adderall. my old psychiatrist was convinced it'd send me manic; likewise, he'd never prescribe.

Matt S.
04-17-06, 01:03 PM
im not from Virginia but I was in the "constant hypomania" state that you are claiming to be in and had the same dx and went through a similar list of meds that you have and now I take a mood pill (topamax) and a stimulant (Dexedrine) and it helps better than anything i have tried in the past... you may have both or just bad ADHD... but i relate to how you are feeling although i was dx'd adhd at age 5 then bipolar at age 9 and adhd was ruled out because it was assumed when i was a kid that you cant have both at the same time but most doctors will treat both disorders if you have them with the mood stabilizer/stimulant combo and it has proven to be more successful in bipolar with adhd then either a mood pill alone or with a strattera type drug...

04-17-06, 01:28 PM
well, the "hypomania" is actually rather infrequent. it really only happens when i'm in a very unfamiliar, confusing, or conflictual situation. my depressive states are longer and more defined. i feel that my depression stems from a constant lack energy, inability to concentrate on anything that isn't ACUTELY stimulating to my mind(and even then i quickly lose interest), and the issue of never feeling motivated to the point of action. i have many goals, mind you. the issue is that the good feelings, garnered from the thought of achieving, do not outweigh the bad feelings i get from the confusion of "how to get there." so, until that ratio flips over, i'm doomed for flatline existence.

05-25-06, 02:49 PM
Hey I too am looking for a DR in Richmond....

Josh, I can really relate to your sig btw ;)

05-31-06, 10:04 AM
I think I heard a cricket

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hahhahaha, yeah. it's so true though.