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04-18-06, 07:34 AM
When I'm not hanging out here in the ADD Forums, I spend a great deal of time in a Free 3D Virtual-World Voice-Chat Program called "Traveler" that I highly recommend!

Traveler allows up to 20 people to be in each 3D virtual space at any given moment

Everyone in the virtual space can speak at the very same time, because the Audio in "Traveler" is also in 3D!

Therefore, if someone starts to speak on your right in the 3D space, you will hear them in your right ear.

If someone starts talking to you from somewhere in back of you, you will hear their voice come from behind.

As people move futher away from you within the 3D world, you will hear their voices get more and more quiet the futher away that they move from you, and visa-versa!

This is how it is possible in "Traveler" for everyone in the virtual space to all speak at the exact same time, simply because of the fact that some of the people are just to far away in the 3D virtual space for you to even hear them talking to other people!

This way of talking to one another is much more like speaking on a telephone, (Well more like one big 20 person conference phone call!) and is much better than any of the Walky-Talky type voice-chat programs you might have used on the Internet!!

Lastly, you can choose from 100's of different Cartoon-Looking Animated Avatars that whenever a person speaks to you, you will see the Avatar's Lips move and change shape into the same shapes as the actual speaking person's mouth moves whenever they speak to you!

The "Traveler" program analyzes voice patterns for vowel sounds, and then moves the Avatars mouths into the same shapes as the person who is speaking!

Therefore, whenever someone is speaking to you it looks like the Avatars are actually speaking to you, and it appears to them just like you're Avatar is actually speaking to them, whevever you speak to them!

There are 100's and 100's of different worlds and spaces to explore, and if your particularly inclined to do so, you can even build or create your own 3D virtual worlds & spaces!

And if your really a good at 3D modeling and animation, you can even create your own Avatars if you're really up for a challange!

The only real downside to the "Traveler" program as far as I'm concerned is that the program was created back in 1995, and uses only VRML 2 for all the artwork in the program!

Therefore, the color palatte availible for Travelers artwork is much more limited than todays 3D programs!

This simply makes the program appear more like an animated cartoon than a actual real face or real place!

However, I still think it has the best audio that anyone will find in a voice-chat program and is still a 100% Free program, and has been so for years!

I believe it is still the only 100% 3D audio, and the only 100% 3D visual experience that you will likely find anywhere else on the Internet!

You will find many sharp individuals hanging out in the Traveler program, and you can enjoy visiting with all types of people at almost any hour of the day or night regardless of the time!

So, are you more of a talker than a typer like me? Then come check out "Traveler" sometime and tell them SEEK sent ya!

To read more about Traveler, or to download the Traveler program, simply go to the following Website and follow your nose! :) -->

See ya there sometime!

Peace,*~ §EEK ~*


04-20-06, 03:02 PM
sounds cool seek i have a look at that then thanks drom

04-21-06, 01:04 PM
here some sites that might help>>>have aloook if you will dorm ;.)))

(chadd)= children and adults with a dd the site is or as far as i can tell thats a plcae were you can chat in a chatroom! dyslexia>> the LD =leaening disabilts suport line on the net > ( dr stody has alott info on adhd dyslexaia dyspraxia apraxia and other relaetednporblems louds more but it take me all day to put it in so have look if it helps then geat dorm ;.))))

*~ §EEK ~*
04-22-06, 04:24 AM
By the way, there are a few reasons why I posted the weblink to the "Traveler" program!

One reason is the simple fact that I have dsylexia, and it takes me an very very long time to type anything whenever I post on the ADD Forums!

Another reason is that if you stop to consider that I have Dsylexia, and then throw in the ADD I also have, this makes the amount of time that it takes me to type a simple post just that much longer!

In fact, if you all really knew just how long it takes me to type a simple little post, you would probably ask me, "Why Even Bother SEEK??" LOL

Well, the reason I still make time to type and post on the ADD Forums, even though I am such a poor typest, and even though it takes me forever to type anything at all, is because the ADD Forums is the best place I have found that has so many people I can relate to that also have ADD and Dsylexia, and the other problems, issues, and symptoms that are also associated with having ADD and Dyslexia!

Therefore, the ADD Forums is the only place in which I can truely relate to people who are the same as me in such a deep and meaningful manner, and feel 100% welcome by everyone too! Also, I learn how, and why, and what, other people with the same problems and issues that I have every single day of my ADD life do to get by, in their own ADD lives!

Anyway, because I despise having to type so much, for the reasons given above, naturally I have been much more inclined to search for as many other ways to communicate on the web as I could find!

Unfortunately, other than typing to communicate, which is what I've been trying to avoid, I have yet found any other means of communicating on the Internet other than simply using my own voice!

Which is cool with me, because I know that I can easly speak at least 150 to 200 or even more, words per minute when I speak, which leaves my typing skills shamefully in the dust!

Therefore, during the past 12 years that I have been on the Internet, I have searched and searched for as many different voice-chat websites and programs on the web as I could locate, that would be easier for me to deal with, rather than having to type!

In my search I have been to an enormous amount of voice-chat programs!

Many were, well sort of "ok" I guess, but many just plain sucked to be perfectly honest!

Most, if not nearly all were the walky-talky type voice-chat sites & programs, which only allow for a single solitary individual to speak at a time at any given moment!

However, I must admit that many of the walky-talky type websites had an enormous amount of people on them!

But, because of the program's limitation of having only a single solitary person speaking at a time, it didn't really matter how many people were listed as being in a "room", or listed on a webpage, simply because you couldn't communicate with any of them, other than possibly text messaging them!

To make matters even worse, many of these walky-talky programs would allow the users to change the program's settings to block any text messages from anyone, except those who were already on one's contact list!

I certainly understand why this function is included in this type of software!

It's implemented so people have control over who can contact them, and so they can visit with only the people that they wish to visit with!

It's also implimented so that users can avoid all the hecklers & troublemakers that often show up in these types of programs!

Lastly, it's implimented so users can easily ignore the commonly found abnormal individual who prowls all the voice-chat programs and happens to enjoy harassing people so much that it seems like the only significant form of entertainment or hobby that they have in thier life!! LOL :D

However, this blocking of all individuals that are not already on someone's contact list, simply makes forming any new relationships nearly, if not entirely, imposible in these programs!

Eventually it becomes more of a hassle than it is worth, spending so much time in these programs, just so you can possibly make a new firend or two!

Just as an example, when you decide to hang out in one of these rooms on one of these websites, you get to listen to one person speak, then another person speak, then another person speak, and then another, over and over, until the conversations seemingly have no real discernable continuity what so ever!

But you'll continue to patiently wait......then you'll patiently continue to wait.....and then you'll wait.....and wait a little more.....and wait some more.....and wait.....and wait, and wait!

Until eventually your turn finally arrives, and you actually have your chance to finally say something worthwhile!

Only to find that the "Weird Farting Noises" the previous dolt was making just prior to your turn, has caused a total disintegration in your composure, and the complete annihilation of all the cute thoughts and intelligent comments you had carefully planned on saying, while you patiently waited for your turn to speak!

So that when you finally do start to speak, the only sound that ends up coming out of your mouth is a loud horrendous obnoxious belch, or two, in response to the "Wierd Farting Noises" that the guy just before you had been making!!!

Anyway, to get back to the "Traveler" program, if you download and install the program, you will find smaller groups of people hanging out in the program!

However, you will also find it's much more easy to make new friends in traveler as well!

If you are in traveler and you think of something to say, and the person who is currently speaking seems to be going on and on and on about something, no problem!

You simply just que up your mic and speak, and they will hear your comment, and either stop talking, or reply to your comment, whatever fits the sitiuation!

There is none of this walky-talky crap either! In fact, there is usually someone playing music in traveler nearly all the time, and because everyone can speak at the same time, as one person plays tunes, all the other people move just far enough away that they can still continue to visit with each other while the other person continues to play music!

Don't like their music?
No problem!
You can put anyone that you choose on "ignore", and you will no longer hear their music, or hear them speak either, if that was your goal!

You can even choose to completely turn off receiving any text messages if you wish! The text messeging app in traveler is intentionally small and uneventful!

Because the program was designed to still run well even when using a modem as small as 26k, and due to the fact that everyone's movements within each virtual space is sent to each and every other users, as well as each person's Avatar's facial movements and expressions, not to mention each person's voice whenever they speak, the text messaging app was intentionally kept small and limited to simply 1 or 2 lines of text to keep huge amounts of text from hogging all the bandwidth that is needed for all the virtual space graphics, and all the items above that I just mentioned!

Ok, I've been typing all of this for hours, and I'm worn out entirely!

The only other thing I can think of is that after you have downloaded traveler, installed traveler, and re-started your computer after installation go to one of the following "Traveler Destinations Pages" below to see where everyone is on the public servers for "Traveler" and then simply click on one of the spaces that has some people in it, and traveler will automatically start up and you will begin Traveling!

When you first start traveling you at first have to download all the art work in whatever space you are going to, as well as download each person's Avatar, so don't be alarmed if it takes a little while before you land in a virtual space!

Use your keyboards arrow keys to move.

To message someone in traveler, point at the avatar you wish to message and then right click to select text messaging.

Most likely you will immediately be recoginized as a new user and will start to receive text messages from the other users asking if you would like some assitance!

They will then show you everything you need to know to use Traveler!

Perhaps I'll see some of you in Traveler someday! Good Luck !!

Peace,*~ §EEK ~*


Below are just some of the availible "destinations pages" where you can locate other users!

Or click on the availible links to download the Traveler program as well.

Below is DigitalSpace's "Traveler Portal Webpage".

DigitalSpace is the current owner of the Traveler program!

They also do a lot of other very cool 3D graphic projects and 3D virtual reality stuff as well! (i.e. NASA graphic projects)

Therefore, be sure to also check out the rest of their website if you get a chance!

To read a lot more about Traveler, or to download the Traveler program, go to the DigitalSpace website below.


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09-10-06, 10:49 PM
Wow, I sure can tell that my Adderall wasn't working well back when I posted here! LOL :D

Sorry about that! :o

*~ §EEK ~*
10-18-06, 07:18 AM
Some pictures of my friends from the Traveler program!

Below is what I look like in Traveler!
The one above is me talking, the one
below was a glitch in the software.
We don't kiss and tell in Traveler!
Thanksgiving 2002 in Ozgate
Avatars 2001
PrpleTears on right!

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

All pictures courtesy of PrplęTęĺr§ (