View Full Version : Had a HORRIBLE experience with a doc...need a doc in Houston area!

04-20-06, 11:10 PM
Today I went to a doctor to see if they could diagnos and evaluate me for ADD...had an appointment at 2:30, got in at 4:30...they tried to OVER-charge me(my co-pay is $25, they wanted $40), and the weight scale was off by 20lbs. I went in to get my vitals and they told me that I had high blood pressure, which is insane because I NEVER had high blood pressure...well..maybe because I was mad and frustrated before they took me in..anyways, the doctor comes in and tells me that they need a blood-test first before we could discuss ANYTHING...I told the doctore "I waited TWO hours just for you to tell me this??" I just stormed out upset and VERY frustrated. Now I have lost confidence to find a doctor to evaluate if I had ADD/ADHD, which ive been doing research on for a LONG time and have the syptoms and tried alternate ways of studying, focusing, etc...but no help at all. Does anyone know of a GP..not psy or therapist, that can diagnos and or evaluate if I have this? I could search the Blue Cross/Blue Shield for doctors, but i would rather have a recommendation from someone on this site...

btw im 24yrs old male ;0

09-13-06, 03:31 PM
It's been awhile since you posted, and I was wondering what happened.
I know that family or general practice doctors will prescribe for kids after they see the forms that teachers and parents fill out (questionaires.)

But with adults, doctors tend to refer them to psychiatrists.

Please update (and don't give up, you are your best advocate)