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04-24-06, 08:39 AM
What are some ideas for FRUIT snacks and desserts - snacks and desserts that have fruit in them. I'm probably looking for more slightly 'healthy' options here, and not just the traditional carrot cake, or something that doens't have much nutritional content like a sultana pudding or strawberry ice cream (unless it's home made).

:) One good one i have is individual apple crumbles, made in the microwave, with the lovely crunchy oat and sugar topping.

:) I don't know if my crumpet thing with strawberries counts.

:) Another good one is, navel oranges (just because you don't have to remove seeds), skinned and chopped into squares. juice another orange, put cinnamon to taste and microwave it all, stir. (or do in saucepan.) what you will end up with is orange bits in orange juice with cinnamon. it's nice. heat until the sauce thickens a little and is really sweet.

you can then store this in the fridge or freezer in containers, or eat it right away. eat it hot or cold. hot over ice cream is nice.

:) you could use apples in that too - with or without the oranges, but you will need the orange juice. i guess you could add any fruit like bananas and pineapple to make a compote.

:) and it's not very creative but i LOVE a ripe banana chopped into cross-section (circle "penny") slices and served with a nice vanilla yoghurt. it really hits a spot!

what are your ideas?

i have used a smiley as a dot point for each "idea"/recipe so that people can see where each different thing starts/ is listed.