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04-29-06, 04:18 PM
Where did the ONTARIO Forum go?

I want to post an EVENT... ack!

05-29-06, 12:40 AM
Hi there! I'm new to the site doing alot of research on AD/HD my 5 year old son has it. I see your from Kingston as well and I am currently trying to work towards starting up a support group here in the city. I am looking for people to help get it going if you or anyone else you know would be interested send me a shout. This city needs a support network !!


05-29-06, 07:25 PM
The main lack of services I found in Kingston, ON was ANYTHING for -=ADD Adults=-. :D

There is tonnes more support for Kids [everywhere] than there is for ADD Adults.

Adult and Child ADD issues are very different. (For example, there is a Whole New Generation of Forgotten ADD Women who were never Diagnosed due to having no early school or behavioural problems as young Girls.

Most ADD Women were Misdiagnosed as "anxiety" or "depression" when really the anxiety/depression came from having ADD-problems !!
(ex. problems such as underachievement despite high IQ; feeling overwhelmed due to frontal lobe problems and executive centre brain dysfunction; being disorganized/unable to cope with simultaneously competing demands; employment problems; problems with bullies, yadda yadda.)

It is so hard for Non-Hypers to get Diagnosed, etc. as Kids, let alone as Adults -- and i think Late-diagnosed Adults need support for that issue. There is a lot of Frustration, Anger and Grieving of missed life opportunities involved....

re: Parents of ADD Children help in Kingston, ON

1. Have you been in touch with LDRC [Learning Disabilities Resource Centre? They meet monthly, i believe.

I have met Janice Barling before, and she seems very nice and wants to help people. She is at LDRC several days/week, i think.

2. Have you been in touch with Pathways for Youth? they are the main clearinghouse for kids mental health services in the County.

3. I believe it is closed for new referrals, but you could go talk to staff at the HDH's CDC.

4. What do the School Boards have to say about help/support for your kid's issues?? (All ADDers are different. Some are Gifted Kids who are held back, too. Or who are TOO withdrawn.)

5 given that, it might be a plan to make yourself a top #5 list of your child's issues and what you feel you need help with. Each ADDer kid is different.

6. Is your child getting enough Sports or pHysical activity? This is a real help in controlling symptoms in the three domains of ADHD symptoms (hyperactivity; impulsivity; inattention/distractibility).

Other than that, you might want to start your own Parents of ADD Kids group on (

It is almost a running joke in the ADDFORUMS community... everyone wants to GO to a Support Group, but noone wants to RUN a Support Group.

{Boy, is this a Disorder of Planning and Coordination, or what, eh? <G>}

NB. I live in Toronto, ON now, but come to Kingston, ON once/month, or so.