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John David
05-04-06, 11:55 AM
Hi all, I recently moved from Houston to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and need a referral for a doctor or psychiatrist that treats ADHD patients. I appreciate any help you can provide.

08-07-08, 07:40 PM
it looks like you posted this quite awhile ago, so i don't know if this will be any help, but i reccomend Dr. Sam Shaffer (505) 982-7434.

02-01-09, 09:07 AM
I searched back to the begining of thsi section and New Mexico doesn't have much out there in the way of treatment provider information

If you know of a place for ADD treatment especially those who will treat adults with ADD please do share here in this thread -

If you have a horrible experience with some one well that can be shared here too just please keep entries factual

Be sure to mention what part of New Mexico you are referring to as this thread is for the entire state.

If you are here looking for a health care professional - I have a collection of directories that may prove useful

Where Can I Find a Health Care Professional? (