View Full Version : What about Provigil (Modafinil) as adjuct to Adderall?

05-17-06, 05:09 PM
I was wondering about using Provigil as an adjunct to Adderall. Even though I take 60mg or Adderall per day - tolerance (although it has only been a few months) makes it poop out after about 6-7 hours. I need to be focused longer than that.

The problem is that my p-doc will only give me 60mg Adderall per day max. He said that 40 mg is really the max, and that 60mg is stretching it. I thought I'd ask him for Provigil as adjuctive med. My insurance will pay for it - other than copay.

Any thoughts or anecdotal experiences? I'm just getting really frustrated with 6-7 hours of focus a day. Ritalin is no better for me and requires doses in excess of 150mg per day (Tolerance to these meds must run in families - as my sister who also has ADD needs excessive amounts of Ritalin as well - and she is 1/2 my size). Neither Adderall or Ritalin give me any side effects (I can fall asleep on 60mg Adderall if I wanted to). Now this isn't for narcolepy or general tiredness - but rather for focus.

05-17-06, 05:13 PM
I tried Provigil, when I couldn't take Adderall, and it did nothing for my ADHD. The only thing it did was make my heart go crazy.

I have read other posts on here where other people have had good luck with it though.

Good luck with whatever you get!

05-17-06, 10:35 PM
Well, provigil doesn't work on the same systems as the other ADD drugs, so it's far less likely to produce tolerance.

05-18-06, 02:15 PM
Not to get too technical/chemical about the medications but I believe there is some dopamine reuptake inhibition properties about Provigal... basically increases the chemical level... blah... lemme find an article.

Here we go...

The exact mechanism of action is unclear, although in vitro studies have shown it to inhibit the reuptake of dopamine. While co-administration of a
dopamine antagonist mitigates the stimulant effect of amphetamine, it does not negate the wakefulness-promoting actions of modafinil.

right from

Amphetamines + dopamine reuptake inhibitor (some of the newer 'atypical' antipsychotics, abilify, zyprexa, risperdal are in the same catagory I believe) would be less effective in their intended purpose (you'd assume by the study, of course I'm not a doctor or a scientist), but I'd bet their side effects would be multiplied.

05-19-06, 09:10 AM
Can't seem to edit my post, as there's no edit button, so let me just add this real quick - according to the information packet inside the box (my gf was just given a sample pack of Provigil by her psych doc) and can be found at ( there should be no ill side effects being used with amphetamines.

Oh sure now I can edit... must've been the amount of posts I had.