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05-19-06, 11:35 AM
I did a lot of stuff to annoy my parents. Of course, some of it wasn't on purpose and many times I didn't know why they would get so upset with me.

Here are some complaints about me:

1. Wait until last minute to do anything. My mom wanted to just scream when I would finish homework the morning I was to go to school.

2. Leaving mess trails, not cleaning up after myself. ( A major pet peeve of hers).

3. Saying, " I'll do it later" and having to be reminded over and over

4. Poking around in closets, drawers, etc. Being too nosey.. I call it being curious.

5. Asking too many questions, demanding to know why

6. Tapping my feet, smacking my food

7. Asking questions and if I don't like the answer, asking her again and again

8. Temper tantrums.... bad ones.

9. When I don't get something and she has to explain it again

10. When I am running late for school

11. Losing stuff ( a lot) like my school books, lunch and having to go to school to give it to me

12. Interrupting and butting in when her and Dad are talking

13. Slamming my door when I am angry

14. Getting impatient if I don't get what I want... NOW!!!

15. Whining and complaining

16. Being clumsy, knocking things over, breaking things ( usually on accident, sometimes on purpose if I am angry).

17. Saying mean things when I am angry.

18. Going on and on about the same thing or changing the subject

19. Going places and getting impatient because I am bored and want to go home.. now

20. Fighting with my brother

21/ Being arguementative and doing things on an impulse

What did you do to annoy your parents?

05-19-06, 11:43 AM
Wake up!

05-19-06, 12:39 PM
Oh man my kids do many of the thing you listed.... :rolleyes:

I don't remember what I did to annoy my mother, I'm sure she can tell you :D

05-19-06, 01:39 PM
Hi Jett

Its funny (well more ironic than funny in the haha comedy sense) because my son is adhd and I find myself saying things to him that are the EXACT same things my mom said to me growing up.
When he asks why I have to say something a million times "Well if you did it the first time I asked you I wouldnt have to say it again" Oh man my mom must have said that 5 times a day to me growing up.
Here are a few things, I dont think there is enough space to put it all down!
1. I didnt take no for an answer, I would find loopholes in everything and anything to get things to turn out how I wanted them to be

2. I half-***** everything. (such as when she would make me polish the furniture, I would polish around everything and not life them to get underneath)

3. Yes i also waited til the last minute, if she told me to have things done by a certain time, i would wait until the absolute last possible moment

4. oh my the worst temper tantrums ever
5. saying mean things when mad, yes, and immediately regret it after but not know why i couldntjust not say it in the first place

6. took up smoking (age 15-ish, ya i know, i dont smoke now though, yipee)
7. fight with slightly older bro, but physical fights, he was much bigger than i was so in defense i would sometimes lose control (ex. one of his fav things to do was wake me up by putting his sneaker in my face, have you ever smelled teenage boy sneakers, nasty, so i would get enraged and chase him with whatever was close by, throw a glass at him, whatever)

No patience for museums at all, but mom loved to read every single thing about everything in the whole freaking museum so i would be bored out of my mind, i had no interest in art, or reading about stuff at teh museum of fine art or museum of science, etc.
I want to see the stuff then move on, I dont want to read the plaqu, I wont remember what it says anyway.

Oh my poor she did it I will never know.


05-19-06, 01:49 PM
I would just sit in the same room as them if i was grounded i would just not shut up mither them all day long till they could take no more and then they would say for god's sake joanne get out!! lol it worked every time.

05-19-06, 06:17 PM
Much of what Jett mentioned applies, but what sticks out in my mind is the things my brother and I would do if we began to die of boredom.
Things seemed so hilarious to us. We would claim we were writing a book called "Dadisms" (he seemed funnier) and he would reply "Yes I am writing a book called "Childisms" and its full of nothing but inane giggling!".
We developed a game wherein the first person to give the other a certain rude gesture comprised of one finger :p wins. We literally overtunred furniture trying to be first. Funny to us, maddening to Momma.

05-20-06, 01:50 PM
Yep some of these apply to me as well….

1. Wait until last minute to do anything. My mom wanted to just scream when I would finish homework the morning I was to go to school.

10. When I am running late for school

11. Losing stuff ( a lot) like my school books, lunch and having to go to school to give it to me

12. Interrupting and butting in when her and Dad are talking

I would also constantly ask questions during movies…..

My mom’s answers was usually “I don’t know I didn’t write the plot”
When she was at the end of her rope she would snap “If you would shut up and watch we would both be able to find out the answer”

I would run through the house crashing into every thing and every one.

I would get holes in my jeans, shoes just about any thing else I wore!

My sister was a lot younger than me by six years so we did not fight pre say but I would do “interesting” things to her.

Like one time when I was 12 and she was 6, I got tired of her following me every where I went and tattling on me so I got a hold of a tube of super glue applied it to her had and stuck it to the dinning room table. I even helped her count off the minute it took for it to bond ..yep mom was real impressed with that stunt! It took twenty years for that to become funny!

05-20-06, 06:10 PM
I had MAJOR tantrums--I still remember having them..

Getting me ready for school was a colossal chore--my mom says that she had to keep telling me to get ready--brush your teeth, get dressed, etc. Evidently, I would start doing something, and start daydreaming....same with eating dinner--my mom would always have to remind me to eat--otherwise, I would just sit in front of my plate and daydream :rolleyes:

Also, everyday for school, we had this routine with my clothes--tags, elastic, anything not cotton would irritate me. So we would have to try on different outfits, or my mom would have a pair of sissors to cut pieces of elastic (thank God adult clothes don't have that!)

That's all I can think of at the moment

05-20-06, 06:41 PM
There are things I could tell you that are ADHD related but I was not diagnosed until last yr are 46 or is it 45. Well I dont remember.

Some of the thing from the list are:

2. I alway had a messy room when my sister and I had our separate rooms.
I think this began when I turned a teenager.

17 applies

Some things I remember Mom saying as a child are:
" Dont slam the door." This was when we would go outside.
" I am only going to tell you once." or " I am only going to call you once." for dinner.
Oh, and they hated that I was a night owl because our bedrooms were back to back and they could hear what I was doing like playing records.

05-20-06, 06:50 PM
To annoyn them on purpose?

Babble asking stupid/silly questions; relentlessly tease them; stupid jokes

I guess acting as stupid as possible worked.

05-20-06, 07:51 PM
being really stubborn

wanting things NOW and bugging until I got my way

fighting with my brother

talking a lot, arguing when upset

being anti-social (just couldn't handle so many people around and was overwhelmed)

05-20-06, 07:53 PM
I would miss my school bus
Stack my dirty clothes at the end of my bed
When I wanted something I would bug the living day lights out of her till I got it (which didn't always happen so I would then throw a fit)

06-11-06, 02:49 PM
Every single one is me haha im happy someone else does the same things. I do everything except for.. "20. Fighting with my brother" because my brother is older and much stronger then me and it hurts when he hits back!

06-11-06, 04:42 PM
All of the above, but especially saying inappropriate things in the wrong settings.
And no, it was not on purpose.
And yes, I still do it.