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05-22-06, 05:28 PM
Well, I've finally decided to just go for it and go to a psychologist to get some help maybe. I don't know if she's going to decide if I need to be tested or not, but school has become a nightmare. Ever since I hit college, my grades have gone down to failing and I'm about to be kicked out of school (1.56 last semester and .83 this past semester). There's no possible way I can keep going on like this. And it's not like I'm not trying or I don't care or something like that. It's my dream to get a degree and I'm disappointing my parents (which really hurts more than anything). My dad thinks I just don't care and I'm just screwing myself out of opportunities. Anyway, can anyone tell me what to expect if I do get tested (I already know I'm ADHD, well I was diagnosed by a general family doctor). I know I don't have any spelling problems but I don't know about other stuff. But like what do they do to test for learning problems. What kind of stuff can I expect. Thanks!