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05-22-06, 07:53 PM
O man O man I am sooo glad I found these forums! Phew...hate being alone. Well why dont I introduce myself.....I'm Aly and I am 16 and I have tourette's OCD ADHD and learning stuff. :cool: but im still cool. Way too cool 4 TS to get in my way:D. I'm graduating from High School a year early. I am very very excited...I want to be a FireFighter/EMT. ocd and adhd are pretty good because of medication. But my tics are annoying the crap out of me. I went for a ride along the other day with the Fire Department, they probably thought I was insane b/c of the tics. People Judge you. I'm trying to take it in and I dont know quite how. I guess if you take pride in yourself others can sense that assertiveness and respect you more and not judge you. :)
Btw, right now im going through this back cracking tic or like mucles contract in my back and neck jerking *ouch*. Do you guys think that cracking your back and neck repeadidly can do damage? I dont know what to do to stop it. :confused: Any1 else have this tic?
L8ter - Aly

06-26-06, 07:16 AM

No, I don't have that tic. Sorry.

Feel free to ask any more questions though :D