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05-23-06, 11:27 PM
I am finally ready to tackle my body image and losing weight, so I joined Weight Watchers. It's just the structure I needed to make this life style change and thus far, is going great!

Is anyone else doing Weight Watchers?

I thought this thread could be another support system for us &/or to exchange tips.


05-27-06, 09:29 AM
I went on weight watchers last year and it worked great. The structured freedom of the point plan was just what I needed. I work out regularly now so I'm not still on WW but I think it's what got me to exercise.

A tip would be to try to cut out or cut down on using points really early in the day especially if you don't even get to eat anything. For example, my coffee in the morning was using up 6 and I was still so hungry after it.

Good Luck.

05-27-06, 11:16 AM
I was on WW years ago and made lifetime. I gained it all back and more....but I rejoined abotu 2 years ago and have lost almost 50 pounds. I gained back about 10 over the winter and am trying to get that back off. I'm within 10-12 pounds of goal. It does work great! The flex program (points) works for me...but the core thing is a disaster. If I could stop eating when I'm physically satisfied, I wouldn't have a weight problem to start with! I've got TONS of ideas and recipes....feel free to ask.

05-27-06, 12:20 PM
It's great to hear that WW worked for you, Linda!! Stories like yours help keep me motivated.

Congrats, bbduck on being so close to your goal!! People have set backs, at least you're back on track now.

One thing the leader never told me about (and I didn't have time to ask her this week), perhaps either of you can answer, how do you figure out goal weight?

Right now, I'm making my goals small so they seem achievable, but I have an idea what I'd like the end result to be, but no one has explained that to me.

I'd love any ideas and recipes, bbduck!

I'm on flex too, core would be a disaster for me. I'm a picky eater! It sounds like we have the same problem: stopping when satisfied. I'm really learning how to do that now.

When I went to my first meeting I was surprised at how much i'd have to change my eating habits, but it's easier than I thought. I'm not craving foods like I was 4 -6 weeks ago. But, it's cool knowing that if I want pizza I can have it. I think that's my saving grace.

Thanks for the morning tip, Linda. I'm not really a breakfast eater, but I've realized that I need to eat something to get my metabolism going, so I typically just eat 1 c. cereal.

It made me smile to see that you two posted! I figured there had to be a few people on WW with ADDF having almost 12,000 members.


07-09-06, 11:23 AM
Keep everyone posted on the Weight Watchers adventure :)

07-09-06, 12:13 PM
I tried WW on line about a year ago but I found that I could not get myself motivated to do it. That is the problem and why I am sssoo frustated with myself.

I need to do something desperately.....................HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

07-09-06, 12:51 PM
I do the Weight Watchers online program..and I LOVE IT! I have lost 17 lbs since 05-05-06.

I am on the flex plan. Online is cheaper than going to meetings. Weight Watchers is great because is teaches you to eat better....and you eat real food...and not prepackaged stuff like other plans.

07-10-06, 12:07 AM
I still like WW. I'm not doing online because I need more support than that. THe meetings are nice to go to, especially because I know I'm not alone. it's very motivating for me to hear how other people are doing - it reassures me that WW works.

I've lost 13 pounds thus far!!! I'm cooking more for myself and have much healthier foods around. I'm finding healthy ways to make the food I love (ie: pizza!).

You can do it, Rach! I really suggest checking out the actual meetings. They usually offer deals. It's typically $15 per meeting, but they tend to have special deals on passes. I pay $9 per meeting with the pass I bought.