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05-25-06, 05:18 PM
Currently i'm taking generic Cylert (Pemoline) at 37.5MG tablets manufactured by Sandoz. How long do I need to wait before I feel or see changes. I haven't really noticed much, as I have read that it may be up to three weeks until changes are noticed. The pill is very tiny, and it of course it isn't an extended release/sustained release/slow release tablet so how long can I expect its effectiveness to be around? Is there a weight calculation thing to see how many milligrams are needed per kilo or pound to stay within a given 'effectiveness-range'?

Given information: Day four of taking 37.5MG, one tablet by mouth in the morning.

Age 17
Height 5'6
Weight 160

Things i've noticed: Today the weird buzzed, lightheaded dizzy headache i've had for the past two days is gone. I feel absolutely normal.

Thanks, I really hope someone gets to read this and possibly have some answers for me because the Cylert part of these medication forums aren't exactly the most *ahem* popular. :eyebrow:

08-23-06, 11:00 PM
Cylert can cause severe liver damage and is a second line medication. Is your doc having your liver enzymes checked every month or two? It has also caused death from liver failure. I stopped taking it for this reason. Doc's don't want to risk being sued, and I don't blame them.


08-25-06, 09:35 AM
It can, but its most likely it won't. There have been a few isolated liver failures but in general pemoline is one of the safest medications out there. I just wish it was available here. It causes pretty much no cardiovascular (heart) side effects like methylphenidate or amphetamine do. The only problem is that it shouldnt be used long term. Only use it when you need to. The people with liver problems were long term users. If you dont want this i'll be glad to take it! :p Only reason its been discontinued is so they can't be sued - its all about money.

10-21-06, 10:29 AM
It takes about a month before you will notice if it's working at the very least. On the contrary, this med is a long acting med. That's y you only have to take it once a day. It's suppose to last between 12 and 14 hours. Don't take it too late or it may affect your sleep. (insomnia) The suggestion with this med it to take it as prescribed for at least 2 months (8 weeks) before making a judgement on "if it works". You can stop it before then but as always make sure you do it gradually. Best of Luck...

10-21-06, 01:54 PM
I noticed an improvement with the first dose! In fact, I think it may have been the most effective of all the meds I have taken. I remember shaking my head wondering why it was so calm! My thoughts were organized and not overloading my processing abilities. I am just very cautious about anything that could impair my health. I am on estrogen replacement therapy-patch, to avoid liver metabolism.

I do wish they would look at the studies again and run a meta-analysis on the data to determine once and for all the level of risk from liver failure. Because it has been connected to this fatality, and as far as I know, no other stimulant has the same history, I need some very strong evidence to weight the risk vs. benefit of taking cylert. Who did die of liver failure, did they have pre-existing conditions, liver disorders, did alcohol consumption play a role, and so on.

If anyone knows of any studies available in full text, please post a link!

Thanks, RADD

06-15-10, 04:05 PM
I was on this when i was a small child.When i was on this they would do blood panals all time.Years down the line i got stuff in the mail for a class action lawsuit about this med.From what i rememeber from it.It didnt work very well i grew immune to it quickly