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05-26-06, 05:54 AM
I am BP1 and ADD. I have been and continue to take concerta and lithium. I have been on them for the past six months. Before that, I never got help, counseling, or medication. I medicated and supressed with mad drugs from 14 through 26. (everything except, herion, crystal meth and pcp) I was genuinally considering some awful and selfish acts to end my life in 2004. Since I built up the courage.. I got help and they (doctors, counselors and medication) have saved my life, my beautiful family , gave me a new outlook on life and enabled me to actually think logically with my new job. In my therapy sessions, I have whittled down the trigger events to 9-11 , coping with being a good dad with the birth of my daughter, and being poor. I missed the attack by a week. I lost a friend. My industry changed.. My wife had our daughter in 2003 and lost track of the finances. This all sent me over the edge..

Now? Net net, I am on the right track. I have let go of the things that bothered me. I have the job, the 3 houses I bought in various states of repair, money issues, providing for my family as my dad was marginal at best, budgeting money, etc..

In the wake of going off the deep end, I have a patient but still ****ed off wife. I ripped through $250k on sensless crap where I was constantly telling myself, I deserve to buy myself all this stuff... heck, I earned it.. Well needless to say it made a mess with our house finances. I am a salesman and do well compared to my peers..

So where I need help.. I was in my sister's wedding this past weekend and I was criticized by my four sisters, my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my Dad for being too "reserved". Of course they blamed it on my wife.. I am very type A, very very intense and for once in my life I wanted to "be" a spectator at my sisters wedding, because I had the control and the focus.

How did you talk to your familys about it when they are not willing to listen?

08-16-06, 12:24 AM
It's distressing to me to read your post and not have anything useful to suggest. All the more so since it seems no one else did either. Hope you managed to work things out. Sounded like things were getting better overall.