View Full Version : I noticed difference b/t ADD meds! Opinions?

05-26-06, 03:45 PM
Hey All:
I wondered if anyone else has had this experience with their ADD meds before, or if Im just imagining things?!?!? For about 8 months, I've been taking 20mg of Ritalin SR and 10mg of generic ritalin (methylphenidate). I take 1 of Ritalin sr along with 2-Ritalin 10mg at breakfast and another dose at lunch time. For cost reasons, on this most recent visit, we decided to try Ritalin LA(instead of SR) and go up from the 10mg Ritalin twice a day to the 20mg Ritalin. I usually go to the same drug store for all my prescriptions, but this time, I went to a different pharmacy closer to my school. I usually get methylphenidate, however this drug store gave me something called methylin. And instead of generic Ritalin sr, I got the name brand Ritalin LA(had a coupon) I've been taking this new dose for almost 3 days now and I DEFINATLY can tell a difference. It doesn't seem to be working with my body like the other ones did. I called the pharmacist and they INSIST that it's all the same medication. Anyone else ever had this happen and know why? Will my body get used to the new one or will I have to switch back? Any opinion's?

05-26-06, 05:23 PM
I've heard in a few different places that name brand Ritalin is better than the generic stuff. No personal experience though

05-26-06, 05:29 PM
I believe it is Dr. Amen that says that different meds work differently for different people. He doesn't say that a brand name is better than a generic. Instead for some reason one will work for a person while the other will not - going either way. I think I have heard that about other types of medication too, not just stimulants. That is why it gets sticky when insurances try to insist on people taking only what they are willing to cover. They might as well just skip it in some cases.