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05-28-06, 10:36 AM
Hi everybody in the mitten! I just joined after finding this forum when I was researching ADD. After years of feeling like I was going crazy, I think I found what is wrong with me. I haven't seen a Dr yet, I don't have insurance, but I am going to see if the county mental health org. can help me.

For years I have been feeling like I'm getting Alzheimers or something. I forget things that I've said or read, sometimes even minutes later. I never knew why I couldn't keep my house clean, and wondered how other poeple did. I think everyone thought I was lazy or didn't care. I felt like i was lazy. I would clean one day but the next day it seemed like I had to do it all over again and it seemed too much. I have had trouble keeping a job, and thought I was just lazy or something. I've had depression all my life, and low self esteem.

From taking online tests and reading here, much of this seems like it's ADD. Part of me is scared that they will say I won't have it then I will feel like I'm going crazy. It's nice to find a place where people understand and support your feelings.

Does anyone know of any resources in Michigan for ADD, esp. any in the SW (Berrien County)?

Have a great Memorial Day!