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05-28-06, 02:48 PM
Dear Everyone:

I don't know quite what to say just yet as I am still getting used to the roller coaster ride of Bi-Polar. I was diagnosed in a psych unit in March and am finally getting some calm in my life with the meds.

Thank you for being here and I will leave things at that for now, Mike.

05-28-06, 02:58 PM
Welcome Mike!:) It can be a real roller coaster ride, especially when bipolar and ADHD are both thrown into the pile. But for what it's worth, 70% or higher of adult ADDers have another diagnosis to deal with at the same time. According to Dr. Brown of Yale, the impairment from ADD effect a whole lot of other disorders, since it deal with the brain's executive functions.

Hopefully getting a diagnosis and treatment will be the beginning of better things for you.


05-28-06, 03:01 PM
Welcome to the forums, Mike. There are several of us that understand that ride and I'm glad that you're seeking/finding that magical cocktail. Don't fret if it takes time. I look forward to seeing more of you :)

05-28-06, 06:59 PM
By the way, the reason I chose TwoWhiteBears is because my description of the diagnosis, TwoWhiteBearsThatGoBothWays (two bi polar bears) wouldn't fit. I do try to have a sense of humor about it all. Laughing at myself helps.

I also have a number of other conditons as the result of traumatic brain injury when I was nine (I am now fourty). Just an FYI.

05-29-06, 03:47 AM
Cute play on words with the name -- very creative!:)