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03-12-03, 08:26 PM
What have your experiences been finding a therapist (or other professional) who actually understands AD/HD?

What advice would you give to those who are just begining to look for a therapist?

03-17-03, 04:03 AM
My experience with psycho-therapists who understand adult- ADD is that they almost don't exist yet. The only one who I know who understands ADD is my older brother, and then his knowledge is biased by family dynamics, so I can't go by it 100%. But his knowledge was extremely helpful with my children, especially with breaking through my fear of making medication available to my daughter. He later broke through my own fear about my own resistance to life long need of medication for ADD and made it pretty clear to me that not taking medicine was a greater medical risk than taking it, and I concur with that.

Other therapists have used traditional modes of therapy but have not effectively addressed the problems with being late or disrganized. I have seen about 8 therapists, all doctoral level, in my life, at different periods, yet my ADD evaded diagnosis through the first 6 of them. A psychidatrist finally made the right diagnosis. So I rate therapists pretty low at diagnosis ability on ADD. They are probably good at detecting ADHD but even a school teacher can diagnose that one.

In the last year and a half I have been fortunate to meet a therapist who is familiar with ADD and has brought people with ADD to a point where they are not late anymore, they pay their bills on time, they lead successful less stressful lives. She also happens to be a psycho-dramatist, which has been the most effective therapy I have ever participated in.

I believe the person with ADD has much trouble with a clogged viaduct of emotions and memories unresolved from the past. I will not go into any length on why I believe this to be the case, but suffice it to say that psycho-drama unplugged the damm for me. I believe therefore that psychodrama might be one of the most effective therapy modes for people with ADD. I will say that I have talked with hundreds of people with ADD and almost universally have found a profound attachment to the past and issues from long ago, that are stuck in the system unresolved yet irrelevant to today, except that they remain unresolved and continue therfore to cause commotion in their lives, unnecessarily. The psychodrama is not designed for people with ADD specifically, but it is so effective at teaching people how to dynamically and creatively process emotions and perceptions that I believe it is the most rapid learning process available to permenently change the way people process emotions so they don't get supressed.

I have also tried coaching by 2 presumably excellent ADD coaches and found that to be minimally effective and very costly. Neither was able to effectively manage my disorganization or my lateness, despite claining to specialize in helping people with ADD. I found that peculiar, since disorganizaiton and poor time management are hall mark symptoms of ADD.

I intend to be one of the few therapists who is familiar with ADD, and I plan to develop a program that Adults with ADD can use to help them overcome the symptoms they do not like.


03-29-03, 12:51 AM
The 1st therapist I went was in 92 when I was about 18. She told me I was depressed. I just didn't click with her and stopped going.

Two years later in 1994 after flunking out of College and was almost 20. Somebody suggested that I could have a learning disabilty. Around that same time another person had given me a book about ADD after going through the book I "knew" i had ADD. The only symptom I didn't have was the hyperactvity.

So I went through the phone book and found neuropsychologist to "test" me for ADD. After a few sessions and several hours of testing I was told I didn't have ADHD. He gave the the a diagnoses of Adjustment Disorder and Developmental Reading Disorder. Which I thought was odd since I scored very high in the verbal section of my SATS. But I took his word for it...

A few years later after going through the loss of family members I decided to go in therapy again. About half way through the 1st session the psychologist thought I had ADD. She reccomened medicatioin which I went on and it seemed to help. I continued thearapy for a few months and the psychologist told me that she didn't think I needed and more sessions because she thought the majority of my problem was bilogical.

I figured she must have known what she was talking about and stop the counceling. I think at the time I felt some what deserted. I continued the medcation for few more months but stopped in because the I didn't care for the person who I had to see for my meds. It scared me when she called me an hour before my schduled session asking me where I was.

A think about a year or so went by and once again I decided to get help for my ADD. I did a search online and some how found somebody in my area who claimed to have experience treating ADD. I was really turned off at the 1st session when he told me to read the book driven to distraction. I told him if I was able to read a whole book I wouldn't have felt the need to come see him. Needless to say I really didn't click with him and didn't have too many sessions.

After being so upset with the so called ADD professional I gave up on the idea seeing a therapist because I seemed to know more about ADD than most of them did.

About a year and half ago I decided that I want an official diagnois so once again called around asking if different professionals had experience treating and diagnosing adult with ADD. Once again I was quite discourage.

About six months ago aftermoving to a different area of the state I was lving in. I decided that I could really benefit from counceling. My goal this time was just to find a therapist who I felt comfortble with and the ADD would come second. The 1st place I called had a 2 month waiting list which really upset me because when I 1st called the answering service saud they went the oofice closes early becaue they didn't have any clients.

The second office that I called gave me an appointment with in a few day. That was in september and it's now March and I am still seeing the the same therapist. It's somebody who I feel "click" with and It seems to be helping me.

I guess my advice is to be persistent and to go with your instinct.