View Full Version : Dropped and not sure what to do next - advice?

06-02-06, 09:20 AM
Ok - this is a two part request and would appreciate thoughts/advice one one or both issues.

Issue one - I was dropped by my doctor for a reason that I still don't understand and she refused to give me a referral.

Issue two - I need to find a new doctor and the only source I have right now is my PPO directory.

Here is the background - I have been treated for ADD for a little over 10 years now and have lived in NYC for the past 6 years. My first doctor adjusted my levels of Ritalin but started adding more and more medications each month and when I asked about it, his answers were vague. After a few months, I became very uncomfortable and decided to look for someone new.

For the last 22 months I was meeting with "Dr. Dropper" every month. During our first meeting, we discussed my RX list and she was confused and shocked by some of the choices and began slowly removing a total of 5 meds. Also during this time, we both made requests to the previous doctor for my records but they never appeared.

Less than 6 months ago, my doctor mentioned that she started getting calls from the pharmacy asking her to verify the perscriptions. Since I had just moved to another part of the city and going to a different Rite Aid location, we figured it was part of the process for new customers. When it didn't stop she became annoyed, I changed to Duane Reade and the calls stopped. This was 3 months ago.

At the end of April, I lost my job. I moved my appointment up and explained to her that I was going COBRA but I wanted to come before my insurance expired so her billling wouldn't be lost in the COBRA change over time period and we agreed that I would come back in 6 weeks and resume the schedule on June 1st (yesterday).

I walked in her office and the first thing she said was "based on your outfit I can assume you still aren't working." When she asked me what meds I needed I told her that I only needed the ritalin because I had refills for the other two. She said I didn't need it because she had dated the one she gave me 6 weeks earlier for the end of May (she wouldn't explain why she did that) and accused me of lying when I told her that it had been filled on May 4th (which is when the previous month ended). She demanded to talk to the pharmacy but wouldn't look up the number and told me to come back. I went to her waiting room and asked for a phone book, got the number and waited for an hour until she came back out. We called, the pharmacy confirmed they filled it on the 4th - that my insurance covered it and she hung up.

She began writing my scripts but stopped mid way through and told me that I needed to find a new doctor because she was sick of getting calls about the scripts, mentioned the doctor not sending my records and finished by saying that she wasn't interested in "being the ritalin police." By this point, I was beyond angry and wanted to leave. The only thing I could say was "can you please give me a referral of someone else who works with Adult ADD?" Her response was to call my insurance company and that was it.

I am still beyond confused. After 10+ years, living in 5 different states, never have I been treated this way.

So here is what I looking for advice on: my first concern is to get a new doctor. Once that is squared away, should I file a complaint? Is this normal? If I file something - who do I file it with and what do I need to include?

Sorry for the long post, but if you have any MD names in NYC top try (or avoid) or an advice on what I should do, I could use some direction. Thanks for taking the time to read the story of how I got dumped.