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06-02-06, 01:40 PM
<TABLE style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 5px" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="TEXT-ALIGN: right" vAlign=bottom width="100%">Positively ADD" Highlights Role Models For Whom ADD Has Been a Gift!</TD></TR><TR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #669980" bgColor=#669980><TD colSpan=2></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

ADD is too often associated with negatives - hyperactivity, disorganization and the like. Yet many with ADD find that having a "race car brain" is a real advantage. In their new book, Positively ADD, released yesterday, Catherine Corman and Dr. Ned Hallowell profile a wide range of compelling and successful professionals who have ADD and think of it as a gift.

Their stories are compelling. From political strategist James Carville and Pulitzer Prize- wining columnist Clarence Page to Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Scott Eyre and award-winning chef Jon Bonnell, these 17 stories can inspire the dreams of any young person and warm the heart of any parent or teacher. They tell of struggle and triumph, the importance of finding what you love and pursuing it, even in the face of great odds.

Positively ADD can be purchased online at Amazon or at your local bookstore. It's a must-have for any school or parent trying to help children with ADD understand the potential they have inside them!

06-02-06, 05:34 PM
...having a "race car brain" is a real advantage... :-) just floating a question out into the forum climes ... when do the big guns get to ask *why* ADDers have 'race car brains' ...?... what is the mechanism?
... that's when things'll get real 'drag car' ... big 'g' slamming us back into whichever hard surface rests keen to welcome.

There has been a transition over the last few years relating to ADD ... the shift in perspective over its nature as pure disorder to apparence of disorder within current society; societal change, though, is rapid.

A mechanism for mind would undoubtedly speed societal changes towards a more permissive environment for development of mind.
That new environment and society will prove to be less of a problem for the raging ADDer
... my view ...
How surely painful, the 'race car brain' jammed in first, gear shifting out (for now) forbidden?


06-02-06, 05:49 PM
I don't so much mind having the race car brain, but I sure wish second gear worked a little better!:cool: All that grinding takes a toll after a while!;)


06-03-06, 06:51 PM
Isn't funny when you find out someone famous is ADD how a light bulb clicks on and you think, omg I can so totally see that!? lol