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06-04-06, 11:36 AM
Anyone have difficulties with motion perception? Are there particular motions that you are really distracted by or that really irritate you? When I visit my psychologist she has a really irritating screen saver. Some of the images just appear and they do not particularly draw my attention but at least one floats across the screen and it gets me every time. I notice that I am very oversensitive to this type of fleeting/sliding motion. I am sometimes so drawn to it that I just cannot resist looking at it. I know what it is but I just cannot resist looking at it. I remember when I was first diagnosed with ADD I was facing a window on one of the top floors of the hospital and my docs back was to the window. I just could not keep from looking out the window at this single white cloud slowly floating by. It was so impossible to make eye contact with her because there was so much going on outside that window. In a natural out door environment I feel really in tune with everything going on around me but when I only have a partial view I find it really aggrivating. I also find that computer synthesis of natural motion is really irritating. I developed some Flash files in a Graphics class once and I was really good at it but it's so annoying to look at. It almost hurts.

Below is a link I found that someone more scientifically oriented might be able to decipher. It's about the visual differences of someone with autism, particularly that of the perception of motion. (

If that doesn't work this was the title it can be found with a google search.

( Vagaries of Visual Perception in Autism (