View Full Version : Why do stimulants make us less sensitive?

06-04-06, 12:24 PM
I remember life before stimulants and it was horrid. There were certain things that would make me want to crawl out of my skin. I never got it I still don't get it. Why am I less sensitive on a stimulant?

I would sit in class and feel like I was going to explode because the very object of a desk was so irritating. It was like a cage. The only way I could lose the feeling was to leave my body mentally. If I had to concentrate on something I had to fidget just so I could stand bringing myself back into reality. I just always felt uncomfortable. Sometimes I was in pain because I became so restless. As an adolescent I learned how to quiet this restlessness by overeating. I would binge just to numb myself. Then as a teenager I started smoking and later on used marijuana. This was just to ease that feeling or dull reality a little because I always felt like at any minute I would go into Taz mode. You know the looney tunes character that would turn into a tornado and wreck everything.

Today I still experience this restlessness but I take it out constructively because stimulants allow me to. I can hold off the sensation, concentrate long enough to finish what I'm doing and then go run a mile and a half just to get it all out. It's like whatever that thing is I can conquer it now.

06-04-06, 12:34 PM
Stimulants have made me more sensitive to some of those things. Maybe it is part of my inattentiveness that I could tune all that stuff out but not reign in my wandering thoughts. Now I can pay attention to the subject at hand but all that background stuff is tapping me on the head.
I'm sure there is much to be learned still about the different types of adhd and I'm probably too old to see them ever get it all figured out right.