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06-08-06, 08:30 AM
I hate walgreens. My script dated today, can not be filled at a 24 hour pharmacy b/c their is no way I could have seen a doctor at 7:30 am and got a script written for me. If I don't get it early in the mornign then I have to wait 45 mins in the store for them to fill it, then recount it, and blah blah. THey can never have it just ready for me. Other pharmacies have, screw walgreens.

06-08-06, 09:57 AM
I have trouble getting my prescription filled. ANywhere. IT's just the hassle of actually have to go to the docs office to get the written RX. especially when I have to go to another state to another state to do it. I understand your frustration

Matt S.
06-08-06, 01:05 PM
I have a similar issue with them, I take dexedrine and with prior authorization and all from my insurance company they refuse to distribute the Brand name version of it to me and they stick me with the Barr Labs version each time... after filing a complaint on this guy, I still got the Barr Labs version and I finally went to a different one, after the third month of going to another pharmacy to obtain the brand that doesn't rip my stomach apart... I finally went to a local family pharmacy as my primary one and swore off walgreens for good... so it is everywhere that they pull the cop routine on people... now i get treated with respect

06-08-06, 05:49 PM
I've never had a problem with Publix, although it only exists in certain parts of the country.

06-08-06, 06:45 PM
Get a letter from your ADD Doctor (who WRITES the Rx's), and leave it with the Pharmacy.

Ask them to put a note on their Computer System that, yes, your Scripts for Dex, Ritalin, etc are REAL.

06-08-06, 06:46 PM
I don't have a Walgreens story, but I did have a problem getting my initial perscription filled. I went to 3 pharmacies before I actually got it filled. One pharmacist from Rite Aide yelled out, "No pharmacist is going to fill's a narcotic and the DEA number is missing from the script!" I was mortified...he treated me like I was a drug addict! It was my very first perscription for Adderall. Apparently, New Jersey past a law that requires doctors to write the DEA number on scripts now instead of having them preprinted with the prevent abuse in case they are stolen. I went back to my doc and they put the number on script and I told them what happened. They called the pharmacy and reamed the guy out...wooohoo! I reported him to corporate.

Anyway, on my third try I finally got it filled at a CVS.

06-08-06, 09:06 PM
I usually go to the same walmart for my prescriptions. The head pharmacist has been there as long as that walmart has been there. He actually remembers people and what they have taken in the past. We have grown old together.*sigh*
Since they aren't open 24 hours I have had to go to walgreens when a child has been sick - the after 5 pm ear infection flare up - and I have had nothing but lousy treatment there.

A good pharmacist is as vital as a good mechanic. I have gone to my pharmacist with questions about drugs when I couldn't count on doctors to give me the straight poop.

06-09-06, 02:16 AM
After using wallgreens for my dexedrine prescriptions for a few months, i switched to fred meyer. I don't know if these pharmacies are in all states, but they are great, and priced way better than drug stores.