View Full Version : Zoloft and Adderal make me tired :(

06-11-06, 04:41 PM
Is there anyone here who takes this combo and has the same problem? I take 150 mg Zoloft and 20mg's of Adderall XR, and sometimes, about 3 hours after dosing I'll feel sedated, even if my heart rate is high from the adderall, and this usually clears up after an hour or two and then I go back to normal... but for obvious reasons it still sucks.

06-13-06, 01:55 AM
Hey. I am on a similar Combo. 100mg Zoloft, 60 Mg Adderall ( 3X 20mg). I do kinda know that sedated feeling that you are talking about, but i actually like it. I never really know when its gonna come on ( its very infrequent), but when i do, i embrace it. Its like i;m completely at ease in the with the world, and i am the coolest person in the world. I dunno, just me. Personally, I think the zoloft in the morning has a tendecny for me to act out alittle and be goofy, but i like the relaxing comedown for adderall and zoloft after a day of achievement. Kind of a tired feeling, but it feels good because you earned it, sorta thing.

06-13-06, 01:59 AM
i am on 150mg zoloft but no addaral but i still get tiered weird

06-28-06, 03:49 PM
I take Zolft only and do not feel tied but I take it at night (I recommend this). It DOES make you yawn, almost like a tic, back not bacause your tired. Try taking the Z at night and A in the morning.

goog luck!

06-29-06, 11:23 PM
I took this combination of meds for a while. One of the biggest problems that I had with zoloft was a side affect called "somnolence". (that's just the medical term for sleepiness) I could literally fall a sleep standing up at times. I was taking 100 mg of zoloft and 30 mg of adderall XR.
I guess, this is similar to what you are feeling.

07-10-06, 12:02 PM
I'm taking 225mg of zoloft and 15 mg of Adderall. Zoloft used to make me sleepy so I took it at night, but then about 6 weeks in or so, when I wasn't able to take my Adderall for a week it made me hyper, now I take it in the morning with the Adderall. It's been a lilttle over 2 months on this combo, I'm really doing well now started feeling great about a week or so ago, I think it might take awhile for your body to adjust to the meds. That was my case anyway, it took around 8 weeks or so until I had good results. I mean I had some immediate improvement, but a profound one just recently so give it a while.