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06-13-06, 10:02 PM
20 mg methylphenidate,
after I drink my cofee in the morning,
but before, I take 200mg of betaglucan.
then some time later,
I take 150 mg of bupripion,
and I check the time,
8 hours later I will take another one,
then every 2.5 hours,
I go 1 ritaling, 2 ritalin, 1 ritalin, 2 ritalin..
meanwhile if I didn't eat anything
that impedes the absorbtion of iron,
I take my iron tablet,
And I drink water,
and I sit and I pee.
Every bloody day.
Each time,
you should see.
2 ritalin 1 ritalin 2 ritalin 1 ritalin....
oh the ****ing thing
this is so chemical
but there is this drug industry.
I would like to add,
life is really really silly.