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11-07-03, 02:26 PM
Has anyone heard of EFT? It belongs to a group of "energy Therapies" which includes EMDR and TAT. I am very skeptical of such off-the wall therapies that involve body "energy" but I've worked with a couple of therapists on this one and it seems to do something.

It's not specifically for treating ADD/ADHD, but it can be used to treat past traumatic events (physical and emotional) that hold people up. I've used it in stressful situations, and, I'll be darned, but it sometimes works to calm me down. The effects are supposed to be long lasting. I know of a couple of therapists that use it exclusively and have dropped standard psychotherapy in favor of it. They can't explain how it works, but they know it does. They said it works whether you "believe" it or not (as long as you do it properly).

Here are a couple of websites describing what EFT is. The first one, belongs to the guy who came up with EMT. The second site shows how to use the technique in great detail. (If these two links aren't active, would someone please repost them for me as active links?)

EFT is designed to remove negative thoughts that clog our lives, something that I know I deal with on a fairly regular basis. The techniques are easy to try, and you have nothing to lose (but a couple of minutes) to try them out. As one or both of the people say, "try it on everything"

NOTE: I am not benefitting personally in any way by giving these links, so there is no commercial incentive in it for me at all. I am, however interested to know if anyone else has tried it, and if so, what do they think of it? I could always stand to use it more, and if we could get some kind of group effort going, I think that would be very beneficial to all involved.


11-07-03, 08:15 PM
Originally posted by JH376
I could always stand to use it more, and if we could get some kind of group effort going, I think that would be very beneficial to all involved.

What do you mean?

11-12-03, 10:50 PM
I just mean that I have found it useful in dealing with bad habits or anxiety-producing situations. It's a tool I have at my disposal that I could use more often then I do, that's all.

09-14-09, 11:05 PM
yes I agree with the eft ... eft really helps a lot of anxiety or depressed people. not even on both but it also help a lot of sickness that you have been probably experiencing. EFT has a lot of general usage this is mainly to stop any emotional rage going on through your life as well. For example anxiety attacks you what do you do is to make it stop is to tap it with your fingers and say something that will normally fade your anxiety away. Here is another training course that you would wanted to see and it is called eft training ( this site belongs to Gary Craig the one who pioneers EFT.

09-14-09, 11:12 PM
well these new therapies popping up are great.. i think? =)

It combines a mixture of EMDR related principals and also Pressurepoint stimulation exersices. upon first glance it seems like its riding the coattails of EMDR, with some non invasive acupuncture thrown in.

i dunno, im a fan of EMDR, i'll have to do more investigating on this EFT thing. Just from scanning through some material it 'seems' like it has some sound principals. It seems like it uses the pessurepoint stuff for relaxation.. and the EMDR for actual psychological reprocessing. . so it basically just sounds like EMDR with a Massage ;D


09-15-09, 04:07 PM
If it's "like acupuncture without the needles", how is it different than acupressure?

I don't doubt that it can and does work for many people. That being said, I take issue with the reductivist assertion that "The symptoms of ADD/ADHD are simply ways of acting out that unconscious and un-resolved trauma." ( Speaking for myself, I spent years resolving my various traumas, and while it did wonders for my depression, it did jack for my ADD.

I downloaded the free intro package, and I look forward to trying it out.

09-15-09, 07:18 PM
There was a session about EFT and ADHD at the 2008 ADDA Conference and a recording of it can be purchased at