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06-15-06, 05:44 AM
So I made the very impulsive decision a week and a half ago to up and move. I'm only moving 6 blocks away, which is very convenient, as I take the bus and didn't want to be far from the transit center.

Anyway, I realized that the main reason I decided on this move was because I was sooo sick of living in this dirty apartment because I just didn't have the motivation to clean it. Dusting hadn't been done in well over a year, same with the bathroom. I just could not get motivated for the life of me. So I thought with moving, I would be motivated to clean things as I packed (which I was) and that I would have to leave this apartment clean when I left (which I am) and then now I get to start in a fresh, new, clean apartment! I'm a little picky when I first move somewhere; I have to wash everything! The walls, the cupboards, the fridge, the windowsills, the windows, the floors, just everything. I don't want someone else's "grime" in my house, ya know? lol Anyway, since this apartment is novel, cleaning it will be fun for me. At first, anyway. The big task ahead of me is to KEEP UP WITH IT: dust every other week, wash dishes every couple days, take the trash out consistently, etc.

I just find it funny that I did something so major just to motivate me to clean. I've lived where I am now for 3 1/2 years, longest I've lived anywhere since I was still at "home" in high school (I'm 25 now). This place was okay, not the greatest (it doesn't have laundry facilities and it's a bit run-down), but okay. I'm just a nut! :p I hope this all turns out for the best.

Anywho, today is the moving day! Movers should be here in just over 3 hours. Woo! I may not be able to check this thread for a bit, as my phone isn't getting turned on for 7-10 days (ARGH!), but will once it gets turned on.

06-15-06, 10:30 PM
good luck Dana :-)

07-02-06, 03:28 AM

Hopefully you are moved in and happy with your new apartment by now. Do you like the new apartment more that the old one? What about your new neighbors?

Wishing you the best!


07-02-06, 11:43 AM
go for it dina may it all tren out right 4 you dorm