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06-15-06, 05:05 PM
In school, we've all drawn on the chalkboard, right? Well, ever draw on a virtual chalkboard? This is how it works:

1) Save this chalkboard picture
2) Open it in your "Paint" program
3) Draw something, write your name, graffiti it; do what you like!
4) Save the changes
5) Repost the chalkboard here
6) Repeat until chalkboard is full and cannot be possibly written on again

And there are only a few limitations to the chalkboard:
1) ONLY use the chalk colors (they are on the gray part on the bottom of the chalk board)
2) You may use any of the tools, whether it be text, airbrush, lines, etc.
3) Save it under the same name
4) You can add more chalk colors if you like
5) DO NOT delete what other people have done just to make space for yourself; if there's no more room for your design, make a new chalk board
6) Don't change the chalkboard itself

Let the creativity begin!

06-15-06, 09:12 PM is mine

06-15-06, 09:35 PM
<img width="900" height="445" src="">
i love this game.
why is my copy blurry?