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*~ žEEK ~*
06-16-06, 02:18 AM
Internet Explorer Users. Webpage Font sizes too small?? Download EasyRead, a FREE I.E. Plugin!

It places a (+) and (-) sign on I.E.'s Tool bar that allows you to quickly increase or decrease the Font size on any Webpage!

The only downside I have found is that the changes you make aren't permanent - In other words, it only applies to the current page you are viewing.

Download EasyRead Plugin for I.E. here --> (

If you do not wish to give your name and e-mail address, simply click on the link that says "Skip Joining and Download Now" on the EasyRead download page.

To add the EasyRead plugin buttons to your IE toolbar:

Install the plugin
Invoke Internet Explorer
Right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select "Customize"
The right pane in the popup window shows the buttons currently on the I.E. toolbar. (in order)
The left pane shows all the additional toolbar buttons available.
In the right pane, select an entry. The new buttons will be inserted above (to the left of) the selected entry.
In the left pane, select the (+) and (-) buttons in turn and click the Add button for each.
The buttons should be visible immediately in the I.E. toolbar.
Enjoy! :)

*~ žEEK ~*