View Full Version : New town, same challenges

06-20-06, 09:14 PM
In exactly three days from now I will be moving to a new, bigger city. Well a new, bigger city that is begging for people to come and work, so getting a job will not be a problem. One thing worries me though, I have a spotty work history, and most of my jobs I have lost in part due to my ADD. I really want to try to succeed at my next job, and not get bored and absentminded. Although I do not have a doctor, and I probably won't for at least a few months, I am taking Omega 3 fatty acids to help my concentration. Does anyone have any helpful tips on what else I can do so I do not get the dreaded pink slip again?

06-22-06, 10:56 AM
there is not an answer except to do what you like
ya there are meds ya there are treatments.. but utimately you need to paint, sculpt or write im just gonna tell it to you strait.. no bsing around here