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06-21-06, 02:44 AM


Trade Name: Desoxyn
Controlled Ingredient: methamphetamine hydrochloride, 10 mg


Trade Name: Desoxyn
Controlled Ingredient: methamphetamine hydrochloride, 15 mg

Apparently these SR tabs are unavailable now, only 5mg IR tabs:


A few pics of this often-marvelous medicine, which used to be available in 5, 10, 15mg SR "Gradumets", which lasted a full 10-12 hours.

Now, however-thanks to media histeria surrounding the compound-(unjustified BTW) all that is available are 5mgIR tabs thanks to 'Ovation Pharm'.

The most suitable ADD/HD med?


07-13-06, 06:58 PM
I am currently taking Desoxyn. It is very expensive at around $2.00 per pill. It has very few side effects for those taking it for ADD/ADHD.

Ovation pharmacueticals purchased this brand name drug from Abbott in 2003, or maybe 2004, I'm not sure. At some point thereafter the formulation of this drug was changed, and it now uses different binding angents which make the newer version not nearly as effective as the old version. The drug is still manufactured by Abbott for Ovation. Why they changed the formula is really a surprise to me, but from what I have read it was because the new binding agents are cheaper to use. I just got a script filled yesterday, and it was the first time in over 3 years that I have used it. When I was on it 3 years ago, I was taking the older pills that had the Abbott logo on them. The new pills have an OV on them along with the number 12. Also the new pills leave a dusty white residue on your skin when you handle them. Perhaps that is a sign of the cheaper binding agent I had read about. They almost seem as if they will crumble between your fingers with little effort, although I have not tried to see if this is true, it just seems likely based on the dust they leave behind. Hope this info helps.

Matt S.
07-14-06, 11:32 AM
I was on a 2 week trial recently and the new ones as opposed to the old ones (the ones I tried were long acting in 1996 ...'gradumet') these white things I didn't care for them to much and asked to go back on Dexedrine. The new formulation (the white colored things) well there was inconsistencies that weren't as timed as the skf e19 5 mg pills that I am used to and I begged to go back, with the Desoxyn I was kind of still hyper and yet felt slow at the same time and the wear off well it was up there with the rage I felt from adderall... they need the long actings back those were effective

08-07-06, 02:17 AM
"they need the long actings back those were effective"

So i'v heard, the 5-15mg SR were very effective aparently, but we can't have 15mg Methylphenidate tabs around now can we? (DEA)

The new 5mgIR disolve in 5mins in water.
The abborts 5mgir disolved in 15 mins, mmmmmmmm.

Most users of older desoxyn, seemed to need a higher dose of the new ones-often


08-28-06, 12:07 AM
is it possible to get a trial of desoxyn or a trial of a sertain medicine, more or less a stimulant med, i know i tried focalin and the doc gave me a paper saying i can get it free since it wasnt on my insurance and was wondering if they did that for the more abusable drugs, like dexedrine or desoxyn? as maybe in a few years i might want to try to switch things up and see if its better on desoxyn than dexedrine, but for now i will stick to dexedrine...

Matt S.
08-28-06, 11:24 AM
"abusable" is loosely used I mean I went off of the dexedrine last week and I feel like I am on "speed" w/o it... but i cant focus and have no impulse control so i guess... bacl on dex I go ... the zombie feeling is going to suck but I cant be this racey

09-06-06, 09:20 PM
So Focalin isn't abusable?-i'v heard otherwise.

But you are already on an 'abusable' (by your own admission) med-Dexedrine, so if you arn't abusing that, then i don't see you abusing Desoxyn.

The only reason Desoxyn has a bad rap is because it became the preferred stim to IV by thoes who did so in the 1960's-when Desoxyn came in a liquid ampule form called Methedrine.

D.B. Cooper
09-06-06, 11:27 PM
If anything focalin is more absuable than ritalin. Its just pure Dextro-Methylphenidate which results in less physical side effects. Ritalin is sort of similar to adderall in that it uses two different isomers D-methylphenidate and L-methylphenidate, the L results in a longer lasting product but also means it has lots of nasty cardiovascular stimulation (elevated pulse, high blood preassure, etc).

09-07-06, 11:54 PM
I am currently taking 3 of the 5 mg tablets/day and they work better than anything I have ever tried. The methyl group makes a big difference ! I have tried Adderall, Ritalin, Dexadrine, Adderall XR, Ritalin LA, and Concerta. Even the Ovation version of the drug is still better than all that crap. It is expensive($190/month), but the benefits I recieve are worth it. I even stop taking it for about 5 days every month so I don't become too tolerant(and so I can take an extra one when I stay up and party all night :p).

10-05-06, 12:08 PM
Apparently script used to be available in a 25mg! SR pill for obesity called Syndrox:
Ad 1957

Desoxyn came in a max dose of 15mgSR.
Apparently obese folks in the 1950's needed a stronger 25mg tab, also came in liquid elixer

10-15-06, 10:49 AM
So if I find that Adderall just does not cut it for me, (10 mg/day) then there is still hope! How long do you need to take each med to find out if it is going to work for you? How many times do you have to have the dosage adjusted with each? I am impatient!!!!!!:-/

D.B. Cooper
10-15-06, 12:29 PM
Every person is different but uh you're going to have to try every stimulant (ritalin, dexedrine, etc) and non-stimulant adhd med before ever getting a chance at desoxyn. Even then a doctor would probably be more inclined to doubt their diagnosis than script someone desoxyn. Most of these people that are on it have been on dexedrine for years.

10-15-06, 03:40 PM
Oh, thanks for the info. I am new to all of this.

10-15-06, 03:45 PM
Sorry for all of these little posts, but I just wanted to ask one more question. So if you switch from one med to another, do you have to wait a certain amount of time for the one that you have been taking to get out of your system before you begin another?

10-15-06, 07:28 PM
Every person is different but uh you're going to have to try every stimulant (ritalin, dexedrine, etc) and non-stimulant adhd med before ever getting a chance at desoxyn. Even then a doctor would probably be more inclined to doubt their diagnosis than script someone desoxyn. Most of these people that are on it have been on dexedrine for years.
That's not true that a person will have to try every stimulant and non-stimulant ADHD medication before ever getting a chance to try Desoxyn. I never had to try Focalin, nor did I ever have to try any non-stimulant ADHD medication before being prescribed Desoxyn. Granted, I had been on stimulant meds for about 11 years before being prescribed Desoxyn, but the truth is I never knew it was an available option until I was 11 years into this journey. It was not until I read about it online that I ever mentioned it to my psychiatrist who then told me that he had never heard of it either. I told him about how I had read that there were many people online who claimed their response was so much better with Desoxyn than they had ever experienced with any of the other prescription stimulants. I also told him that I had read how some people actually claimed that Desoxyn seemed to allow them to feel "normal" for the first time in their lives, and how it was almost a panacea for them.

In the end the decision was my Dr's (of course), and he waited several months before deciding on whether or not to prescribe it for me. Initially he told me that he wanted to check it out, and read more about it. I said "ok, I can certainlly understand." I knew that once he read more about it that he would be as impressed with it as I was. Well, he was impressed with what he uncovered concerning Desoxyn, and he decided to try it out. I was very pleased to have the opportunity. He has not prescribed it to anyone else, but that may be due to the fact that so few people know about it, or that most others are content with what they are getting from the other stimulants. It's also very pricey compared to any of the other prescription stimulants.

10-15-06, 07:59 PM
All I want is to feel "normal!" I have no idea if my doctor would ever consider desoxyn, but I am new to all of this and am sure that I will continue to seek the best medication. The adderall helps, but just wears off so fast now that I have built up an immunity to it. (In only a couple of weeks!) I had just read somewhere that desoxyn is often helpful when other meds don't cut it.......that it lasts much longer and is more potent. Sounds great!

Anyhow, I am willing to pay the price to function better or just like a normal human being........Like I said, I am new to this and know little about meds out there. Thank you for the info! It gives me a lot of hope!!!:)

10-21-06, 02:42 AM
10mgs Adderall is a low dose, and if you and your Doc are working together, then it is usual to 'start low and go slow' approach. IR Adderall is usually given 1-4x daily so if you take 1, 10mg tab in the morning,~7am, say, then it is probably only going to last ~3-5 hours, so come 12pm you will be feeling it dropping. Work with your Doc and let them know your results with treatment-"i'm am inpatient"-this is very common with ADD/HD folk, and all anyone of us want is to feel 'normal'.

Perhaps 10mgs Adderall more than 1x daily will be satisfactory, maybe another med, consult your Doc and don't settle for less than a feeling of near 'normalcy'. That may/maynot include Adderall, or another medicine, but you can imagine your Docs hesistation at treating your condition with Methamphetamine, 'because you want it'-sure it works the best for some, and allows some to be almost like a 'normal' person, just build up a trusting relationship with them, and let them see you are "just wanting to be/feel, like a 'normal' person, unfortunately for MANY of us, this includes the use of a Sch 11 stimulant medicine, which some 'normal' people abuse for kicks.

I have a continuing fight with Docs to get satisfactory treatment. When i don't have my stimulant medicine (Ritalin 10mgIR 20mgSR) i chain smoke, chain drink Caffeine-(sometimes turn to drink)with 10% of the results of my medicine, and i live/function poorly-it shouldn't be like this however, which is why you MUST FIGHT for good treatment.

Good luck, and let us know?

10-24-06, 01:58 PM
This may have been answered earlier in this thread and I appologize if I'm repeating something, but is there an XR (or CR) form of Desoxyn or is Desoxyn an XR pill?

D.B. Cooper
10-25-06, 12:56 AM
This may have been answered earlier in this thread and I appologize if I'm repeating something, but is there an XR (or CR) form of Desoxyn or is Desoxyn an XR pill?
Nope, the spansule was discontinued a few years back.

10-25-06, 01:20 AM
DB is correct. However, even though they discontinued the Desoxyn Gradumets there are still options available for people who prefered that form of Desoxyn.

For instance, a local compound pharmacy can prepare you an extended release version of methamphetamine HCL if your Dr. was to choose that as an option for your therapy.

It's a perfectly legal option, and is usually done in cases like this where a certain form of a particular drug has been discontinued, but yet is still preferred by the patient.

10-25-06, 02:15 AM
Do they use Ovation 5mg Desoxyn tabs to compound?-mspen-and an aquantaince despired the loss of Gradumets.

10-25-06, 09:29 AM
No, they do not use the Desoxyn tablets.

If a Dr. chooses to go this route, the Dr. is able to order the active ingredient (methamphetamine HCL in this case) directly from the manufacturer (in this case Abbott, who still manufactures Desoxyn for Ovation pharms), and it is then delivered to the compound pharmacy. Once the compound pharmacy gets it, they use their own binding agents and their own time release agents that they compound together with the active ingredient. After proper titration is achieved, they take the novel compound they just created for the patient, and they put it into empty gel caps prior to putting it in a bottle and giving it to the patient.

Matt S.
10-25-06, 12:41 PM
my doctor will not do that for me but he will try the ir tabs again if i'd like them but he seems disturbed by my request I should ask him for Ambar (methamphetamine and phenobarbitol) that'd be a whammy