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06-26-06, 12:15 PM
today I failed the written part to my drivers lisance test it was the worst feeling ive ever felt. I felt like an idiot walking out of the testing center. Everyone in my grade has their lisances and next year for sienor year Ill be stuck taking the bus to school this is really a great way to start off my summer. I have to admit im not the best test taker in the world and I dont like the bus very much , but ill just have to deal with it.

06-26-06, 02:32 PM
<!-- #BeginEditable "Page%20Title" --> ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TESTING
By [url=""]Suzanne R. Gosden, MA (<!-- #EndEditable --> Preface (

<!-- #BeginEditable "Body" --> Introduction: Terminology

Individuals with disabilities can have many different types of limitations that affect their abilities to take tests. These individuals may need accommodations when taking employment exams, standardized tests, licensure exams, and classroom exams. Individuals with disabilities who are protected by disability legislation (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act) can ask for, and receive, accommodations in order to take tests. Those who have called JAN regarding testing accommodations report having one or more of the following conditions, diagnoses, or limitations. This list is NOT a list of disabilities covered under the ADA, nor is it an all-inclusive list of disabling conditions for which test-takers would need accommodations. Attention Deficit Disorder: ADD/ADHD time management problems distractibility concentration problems Epilepsy

There are many link in the other article with other disabilities I hope this helps you out. I left epilepsy in because it also has a lot of learning problems associate with the same symptoms of ADHD.

Check out the link for the complete article. testingaccomm.html

07-23-06, 08:10 PM
I failed my behind the wheel test 2 times. I was embarassed. And humiliated. At least it was summer and my friends were understanding-in 1970

I hadn't thought about DL test accommodations! great input Aunt Chris!

07-23-06, 11:57 PM
I did ok on the written part, even though I was a nervous wreck, but FAILED the driving part! I was humiliated, not to mention the rude remark my testor gave me. All the driving part of the test was, was to parallel park. That was IT! I couldn't do it in the car they had, it was much bigger, and mine was a compact that I had practiced on. Geez, having to get into a different vehicle when I'd only driven one in my life, and the gear shifts were in different places, I think I tried to shift and the wipers kept coming on. I about cried in there. Urhg! And this stupid guy in there with me. He was probably a pervert. After I failed, he said, "I don't see how they let girls like you on the road." Urhg! Nobody has to even parallel park in my city anyway!

Well, you probably didn't want to hear my rant from 30 years ago, but just know we understand, and you can take it again. You will know better what to expect the next go round, and then you can post and tell us how FAB you did! :-)

07-24-06, 12:04 AM
I wonder how many of us on the forum flunked part of the DL test? A poll maybe?

07-24-06, 12:27 AM
I flunked the written test... duh! I was so angry, and had no idea why, I read the stupid book a hundred times.

Then I failed my first road test. I got it on the second try (in an easier city)

Then I failed my last test. The highway test.

I registered with a driving school way back before I even took my road test,.... and I still havent finished it.
I did all the in classes...but only one in car lesson. The driving school people, have had just about enough of my promises to take the in cars...I just get so busy.. or I forget... or have to reschedule, because of something else.
Sigh... just another thing I need to finish... at some point.

Yeah... overall.. not very good at all.

07-24-06, 12:59 AM
I failed my driving test the first time I took it. I was so scatterd there was no way I was going to pass it. I took it again later and did okay.

Me :D

07-24-06, 01:55 AM
I have had my license for 11 years and I just moved from one state too another and had too take a written test here to get a new license in a different state and failed as well so please know you are not alone.I failed by one question and was so embarassed i have not been back to retake it but i will soon.Please do not give up,try again you can do it!!!!

07-24-06, 02:14 AM
If this is a trend... and we all have our licenses, I have some more questions:

Do you drive over the speed limit? how many miles?
Have you had any speeding tickets? how many
Any accidents? How many?
Other traffic violations?
I confess, 3 speeding tickets, got out of one. Going 80 in a 65. Since 2002. Never used to speed that much. Stress of having to get places on time during grad school and starting a new job. Plus a warning. I am going to try and make a poll for this.:cool: :D :o

07-24-06, 10:57 PM
I too failed the written part of the test the first time I took it. I can remember how upset I was at myself. I know i didnt study, but I also was looking around nad listening to all the other convos going on around me.! THey should have a place for ADD people to do the test...quiet, distraction free zones

07-27-06, 01:59 AM
I did not fail either part of my driver's test, but I can still visualize the experience as if it were yesterday and it was several decades ago. I was a nervous wreck and have no idea how I passed. I stalled the car twice; the second time was as we pulled into the parking lot at the end of the test!!

Never been in a motor vehicle accident as a driver or passenger, touch wood. I have had two speeding tickets in 38 years of driving. That could mean I never speed, right? :D

07-30-06, 12:25 AM
I failed it once.

Then I did an INTENSIVE course that had (a) 1-week of classroom , and (b) 14 sessions of 1:1 in-car training. I am an excellent driver now... and much safer than i would have been.

That $500 course has saved my life a few times now... (due to other dangerous, inattentive or impulsive drivers).

Take the BEST Driving School Course you can find.

You are worth it...

07-30-06, 12:34 AM
Don't feel so bad I failed my written test when I was 16. I was taking Driver's Ed and had an A averge in the class so didn't bother studying for the Driver's Permit test. Real ADD

It was an awful feeling and I cried and cried. I felt like such a loser because so many people where telling me how easy the test was. It was easy the next time I went back because I actually studied to guide.

I have learned over the years that a lot of people fail h the written and/or the road test. It's just that many of them won't admit it until years and years later.

07-30-06, 01:06 PM
I passed my test the first time. I did well on the written portion, and did pretty well on the driving itself, though I completely bombed the parallel parking portion. The normal parking test wasn't that bad, though the parking area was highly over exaggerated in size.

Do you drive over the speed limit? how many miles?

Yes, but usually not by much.... Perhaps 10-15 miles over, but sometimes faster. Sometimes I like to play around, though. ;)

Have you had any speeding tickets? how many

Fortunately, I only have one ticket. 40 in a 25. I usually don't get caught because I drive prepared with the proper equipment. ;) I had a real case of anxiety when it happened though (shook so bad that I couldn't pick up a piece of paper).

Any accidents? How many?

With another vehicle? None, luckly, but I've hit several animals (deer, turkeys), have been in the ditch quite a few times during the winter, and have damaged property (backing into a sign, another time a trailer).

Other traffic violations?


07-30-06, 01:25 PM
Do you drive over the speed limit? how many miles?
Have you had any speeding tickets? how many
Any accidents? How many?
Other traffic violations?
I failed the permit test first try, I was too cocky and did not bother to study :rolleyes:...remember I grew up in BFE and we all drive illegally out there, LOL! Passed my driving test first try, naturally.

Lost my license when I failed to renew it after moving to SC :o and had to get another permit and pass yet another driving test. Passed permit first try, excellent scores. Admitted how nervous I was during my exam and why, and the tester told me that I barely passed, but she was not gonna quibble since it was clear that I knew how to drive and just made dumb mistakes since my anxiety was so high (yes, I was shaking).

Over the limit, yes, but only when I am outside of town. Depends on what I am driving and where I am how many miles over I go. Was pretty cool driving the Firebird out in BFE SC :D after I knew where the cops ate their donuts and its super-flat down here.

1 ticket when I was very young and my then-hubby cracked up and wrote out the check without an argument. I was pretty used to BFE driving and had a speedy little 5 speed when we moved to the city. Never occurred to me to drive under 30 MPH anywhere :o and he knew that. Plus I got really PO'ed when the cop gave me a hard time about corrective lenses :mad: like he never had heard of contacts!

Accidents, yes, never my fault. Never wrecked any vehicle myself, ever. YET!

Stupid traffic violations...lots! One time I was leaving my job after 2 AM and this freakin' cop in a Jeep kinda thing pulled out and drove alongside me for miles on the left. I was in my Trans Am and alone and female and did not realise it was a cop at all (no lights. etc.) and what I saw was some freak stalking me. I knew the State Police barracks was nearby and punched it, and got pulled. I flipped out on the cop :D I mean wtf? I won too, but he wrote me some dumb "failure to obey traffic laws" BS ticket to cover his butt and mine with his partner. Idiot!! Stuff like that.


08-08-06, 11:18 PM
I still feel the pain from that day when I failed and when school comes around I feel really stupid because I dont have that luxury of driving to school in the morning. So now ill be taking the school bus oh boy I love the school bus and all the wounderful happy people onboard. I also feel more stupid because my sister say's im stupid for failing the written part of the test and also she say's that all of her friends brother's and sister's already have their lisance.

08-11-06, 08:25 AM
passing is never easy to pass driveing tests... genra the fact you tryed is the mane thing dorm l,//////))

08-11-06, 08:37 AM
I failed the driving portion... two times I think.. maybe three... and then was forced to take driving lessons by the state before I could try again. *sigh* One accident from hydroplaning (hit a minivan... who hit a car.. who hit a car) one speeding ticket, and normally drive around 5mph over the speed limit, or sometimes under... sometimes when I'm driving I get very freaked out about how close all the other cars are to me. Usually that's just on the highway during rush hour... luckily I don't take the highway to and from work, so I get to avoid that problem most of the time. And when you move to KS, they give you an open book test for transfering your license... I'm not sure why...

09-22-06, 12:41 AM
Hey QueensU girl, I was wondering where you took the driving course. Im looking for a good school to learn how to drive. I live in t.o

06-05-07, 11:22 AM
i failed my firts ristrictors in high school LD classes we had ristrictors for driving classes second time i passed almost missed it with one more wrong answer and i had to read someone paper for one answer and i passed the 2nd time around but is been since 1999 i had it and is 2007 now i dont have a licence yet im scared to get it cause i dont know if ill rember anything dont feel bad i took the bus and my parents took me to school then my sister started school passed her test no problem and drove me to school and back home i was cool then with my sister she was popular i wasnt jaja it sucked