View Full Version : Just wrote this to waste time

07-11-06, 01:57 AM
early in the morning
listen to music
flick from page to page
alternate between
the endless search for stimulation
the cerebral imposition of nothingness
revisit every 2 minutes
click happy sadler
how will he live out the day?
compare me to a rodent
on the wheel, on the wheel
then sleeping. **** what time it might be
i wont be woken up.


Don't usually write poetry, if you can call this poetry... you can expect an intro thread from me if my DX comes through as expected within the next few days. And then probably a whole lot of whining / questions :D :(

edit: way to go, first thread in wrong section. If a kindly mod would care to move it I'd be much obliged.

07-11-06, 03:28 AM
Mashi, welcome to the forums :-)

I am sure this is fine where it is, but I may be wrong (that does happen LOL)

I am looking foward to your new intro thread too, and ask as many questions as you like...there are some brilliant minds around here to help with answers where possible..

07-16-06, 05:57 PM
Welcome to the forums, Mashi! :)

I must say I really like your poem. I hope you'll write more of them!