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07-11-06, 10:50 PM
I have had a weight issue for the last 14 years but not for much longer.I know people say this is the easy way out but trust me it is not.I had gastric bypass surgery 4 months ago and feel great.I am down almost 100 lbs and feel better then i have in years.I tried MANYYYYYYYYYYYYY diets and many diet pills even for years and would lose 10 lbs and gain 20.I have two beautiful children to be here for and when my son broke down and cried and told me he just wants his mom,it was enough for me.Both my grandmothers have heart diese as well as my father and my weight was putting me at very high risk for heart problems as well.

This is the not the easy way out but i would do it all over again!!!(The surgery that is)!!!

07-11-06, 10:56 PM
Liz, that's great to hear :-) I hope you continue to progress so well...Did it hurt a lot? I have a customer who had it done, and she had a lot of complications..

Any chance of some photos??? please :-)

07-11-06, 11:00 PM
I know a couple of people who went through gastric bypass surgery and it was not an easy process. The people who say it's the easy way out are uneducated. That's great that you have come so far!!!

07-11-06, 11:02 PM
That's great that you lost so much weight -- I hope that has a positive impact on your health and enjoyment of life!:)


07-12-06, 01:01 AM
Yes,I am feeling great.I would do it all over again.Too be totally honest i had VERY little pain after surgery.Had lots of restricitions such as no lifting anything over the size of a coffee cup for like 3 months,it sucked but all worth it.

I do have lots of pictures actually,is there somewhere i can post them here?I am gonna go look and post back to let you all know.

07-12-06, 02:22 AM
I hope that this is the right place to put this but i know that Tracy wanted to see pictures and here is a link to see me on my weight loss journey.I will have more recent soon and i will post that link as soon as i have it ok.LEt me know what you think.

07-12-06, 02:45 AM
I saw your new thread in the photo section :-) Thanks Liz..great pic too BTW

07-12-06, 05:47 AM
You were pretty in both the before and after :) but the amount of weight loss in that time is really something. I'm glad you're pleased with the results.


07-12-06, 12:01 PM
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will put some more recent ones on there soon as well.

07-12-06, 12:08 PM
you look absolutely amazing. Congratulations on coming so far.

btw, does this mean no more cookies for minn???!!! :-)

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Thanks Rach!!! I can always make cookies for minn!! ;)

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LOL,its ok Trina,lol;) just messing girl.I know your name is Tracy but it really dont bother me you call me that.

Thanks for signing my guestbook on picture trail!!!:D OK Sally:p thanks

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you're welcome Sarah :-)

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I am adding another link here to show you all some more recent pics of my weight loss journey,down 88 lbs as of this morning!!! :D :D :D

07-13-06, 09:51 PM
They are great :-) I was quite overweight once, and went to my GP about gastric banding, and he was happy to refer me on..
I changed my mind and tried low carb..I dropped the weight and have kept it all off except a few kilos for about 2 years now :-) The money I saved from the banding was WELL spent on having my boobs lifted and tucked and made all nice and perky again :-)))

07-14-06, 12:09 AM
I wish thats all I had too do.I tried soooooooooooooooooo many things and nothing worked.I looked at it like i have two children too be here for and i was getting much sicker by the day with obesity and my insurance paid 100% so i do not regret it at all and would do it all over again!@!!

07-17-06, 05:42 PM
I left you a comment in your guest book.

You've done marvelously, my dear, keep up the great stuff. You're also looking younger and younger!!!

crime scene

07-17-06, 06:25 PM
A friend of the family had this surgery.

Some cases go very well. (Esp. with the Removable LAP BAND.)

Other cases turn out badly. (Which is irreversible, if they don't use the LAP BAND, and remove the TISSUE, permanently, instead.)

Society never hears the bad outcomes of 'stomach stapling' surgery. (So she asks us to share her story.)

At the end of it all -- after the Surgery, our friend's health isn't any better.

She really just traded one set of Serious Health Problems for different Serious Health Problems.

Appearance-wise, she looks very bizarre b/c she has about 10 lbs of tissue handing off her elbows and arms. (And the Health care System won't cover the removal of that loose, hanging skin, that can't be dieted off.)

They took out parts of her GI tract/stomach/intestine that affect ABSORPTION of important Vitamins and Minerals and other Nutrients.

She was constantly vomitting due to not being able to eat more than a TABLESPOON at a time, which meant the ACID from her STOMACH that came up has Rotted her Teeth. She has Tooth Loss now.

Now she is always at risk of Korsakoff's Syndrome (B-Vitamin Deficiency which causes the permanent brain damage like Alcoholics get from malnutrition). There was an article in READER"S DIGEST a while back about this 'side effect'.

She also has Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which makes her faint often. She can get hurt from the dizziness, there. That came from her being Chromium Deficient. (No correct part of the upper bowel to absorb the minerals, right?)

And She has the skeleton of an 80 year old, she was told, from mineral loss.

In Canada, the healthcare system will not do the Expensive "LAP BAND" surgery which is REVERSIBLE, so now our Family Friend is stuck with missing GI/stomach tissue, which cannot be replaced. IF she had had the $10 000 to afford the LAP BAND surgery (upgrade), she could have this Surgery nightmare reversed.

Please be careful before diving in. AND, consider getting the REVERSIBLE LAP BAND, not the procedures where they cut out the Tissues of the stomach and intestines PERMANENTLY.

07-18-06, 12:05 AM
crime scene,

Thank you so very much very sweet of you!!!I feel great and feel better then i have in many years!!!!


I am very sorry about your friend that has had problems since.I have not and know many people that have had this surgery as well and are doing great.I do have one friend that had MANY problems after but I have not and i am much healthier then i have in years.I looked at it like this,i was taking a big chance carrying the weight around and was at VERY high risk for heart problems among many health issues i was having and i was willing to take the chance.I have had the full gastric bypass and would do it all over again!!!!


07-18-06, 12:06 AM
and i meant too add that oh yes i did hear and still hear all the "BAD" things that happen with this surgery and this surgery was the choice i made and would do it all over again like i said!!!!

08-02-06, 02:48 AM
for anyone who needs to be guided for proper dieting and nutrition and need help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with special care to their health condition, i would advise you to go to this website and get acquainted with the team at JD Healthcare Dietetics and Nutrition Clinic ( i have had the personal experience of having joined the treatment programs there for my weight( i was so much overweight and unhappy about myself and very much discouraged that i may never get to a normal weight again, since i was afraid to diet due to my health constraints) and diet problems and i am proud to say that i can see a new, different me!

03-20-07, 01:32 PM
In Canada, the healthcare system will not do the Expensive "LAP BAND" surgery which is REVERSIBLE Well, it's only partly true that the lap-band surgery is not covered by the Canadian healthcare system. It really depends on the province. In Quebec, they actually cover all the fees related to the surgerey itself, the hospitalization and the follow-up visits. What they do not cover is the cost of the lap-band itself, which is $5,000, tax deductible at both the federal and provincial levels. Some insurance companies (such as Manulife) will reimburse that amount (I got a full reimbursement). I should also add that the lap-band pays for itself anyway withing the first two years, as bandsters eat considerably less (I eat my dinner off my husband's plate).

As much as the lap-band is deemed to be removable, it is strongly advised against it. It is irreversible in the way that nothing has been removed from one's stomach, but it is considered a permanent solution, otherwise all the weight that was lost (and more) is to be gained again within 5 years (the few unlucky who actually have their lap-band removed for medical reasons are strongly advised to get a bypass a year after the removal... and most do, once they see the weight starting to come back).

The succes rate is just as high as for a gastric bypass, but slower (5 years instead of 1 or 2), and the lap-band is fully adjustable to one's appetite so that there is never a problem of stomach stretching and appetite becoming bigger over the years. The lap-band keeps working for as long as it's there and properly adjusted.

It is true that the risks associated with the lap-band are very minimal compared to a gastric bypass (0% death rate, versus 5% with the bypass), but it also true that most people who get a bypass are fully aware of the risks, have weighted the whole issue (it is hardly an impulsive decision with the average 3-year waiting list we have in Canada for a bypass) and decided that it is worth the risk as nothing else worked for them.

for anyone who needs to be guided for proper dieting and nutrition and need help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with special care to their health condition, i would advise you to go to this website and get acquainted with the team at JD Healthcare Dietetics and Nutrition Clinic ( i have had the personal experience of having joined the treatment programs there for my weight( i was so much overweight and unhappy about myself and very much discouraged that i may never get to a normal weight again, since i was afraid to diet due to my health constraints) and diet problems and i am proud to say that i can see a new, different me! I am always amazed by people who recommend diets to people wanting a weightloss surgery. It is systematic: Someone talks about their bypass or lap-band and there you go, somebody else, obviously very clueless, arrives with the lightbulb idea "Hey why don't you try this diet... blablablabla...". Like I never thought about it on my own!!! It's a well-known fact: obese cannot think on their own, certainly not know about the existence of diets, right? :rolleyes: It's just like people saying that ADHD isn't real, ADDers are just lazy, and medication isn't necessary to treat it. Well, the same goes with obesity for a lot of people! It is not just a question of will, motivation and going on a diet. Otherwise, there wouldn't be that many obese and weightloss surgeries wouldn't exist. This is not a surgery for the lazy!!!

The idea of plastic surgery seems easier to accept for a lot of people than that of a weightloss surgery, even though there are risks too... and they are not done for health reasons. Nobody says "Why don't you try that anti-wrinkle cream" to somebody who wants a facelift...

Everybody is different and science has proven beyond any doubt that diets are inefficient in the long run for about 94% of the obese population, just as good will can only go so far for most ADDers.

03-20-07, 03:16 PM
Lipz17, you look wonderful. I mean, not just the weight loss. I look at your face in the picture, and I see a person I'd feel drawn to, if I met her. So hooray for your weight loss, for your improving health, but baby, you're beautiful, regardless!

And QueensU of course, with the medical background, people like us instantly go to the possible side effects. I mean, some people DO NOT know the possible problems, and the issues that will rise afterward; those are the idiots who suggest the surgery is some easy way out.

Carry on, ladies.... you're fabulous!

03-20-07, 04:29 PM
Lipz17, I forgot to mention that I looked at your pictures and I agree with Piglet. You are as beautiful as a sunshine and you sure look very happy! :-)

I was wondering if your surgery changed in any way how you metabolize the ADD medication (if you are taking any). I feel so sleepy with my stimulants that I was wondering if it would have anything to do with the lap-band...

03-20-07, 08:44 PM
Thank you so much for the compliments,VERY much appreciated. I feel wonderful. I have a little bit more too lose but if i didnt lose another pound i would be ok with it.I am down 145 pounds and feel full of life. BIGGGGGGGG Hugs to you all!!!

03-20-07, 08:48 PM
I feel like a fool too ask but where did you see my pictures? I may have to update wherever you seen them at as i dont remember putting any on here in a long time.

03-20-07, 08:50 PM
I dont take any medication for my ADD right now but when i did,i was able too take concerta and did fine on it. Adderall made me dealthy ill but that is just cause of that med,its not cause i cant absorb it. Have you had weight loss surgery?

03-20-07, 10:04 PM
I have a lap-band since the end of 2004. I noticed I get drunk more easily with it, so I wondered if it would also affect medication.

I was also fine on Ritalin, then Concerta, until I tried Adderall. Once back on Concerta though, the problem remained. So now, I'm back to Ritalin, so that at least I can manage it 3-4 hours at a time, instead of losing the whole day being extremely drowsy, fog headed, etc. I'm meeting with my Dr. on Thursday to see what other medication options I have. I will discuss the lap-band issue with her.

Your pictures were provided by yourself in this thread a while back (only 3 pages to look back, so you'll find them... lol).

Keep going! And congratulations for your weightloss! :-)

03-20-07, 11:22 PM
I couldn't sleep (drowsy during the day... active at night)...

Anyway, here's where your pictures are:

Hope this helps! :)

03-21-07, 12:41 AM
Thank u sweetie for showing me where my pictures were,lol.Wow i gotta update as i have lost more since then.

03-21-07, 01:18 AM
I'm glad to hear that Quebec is smart enough to cover the Lap-Band, and not just the removal of GI tissues. (Stupid Ontario, yet again. Doh!)

Some people who do not get good Follow-up from knowledgable family doctors can get problems.

re: Family Friend

Our family friend did a LOT of research on Bariatric Surgery, and no where did she find all the information for the complications she got. (She had it about 10 years ago, for perspective's sake, mind you.)

For some highly unusual and strange reason, her Surgeon (Scarborough?) won't reply to her Family Doctor's request for the OR Records, too. (Each operation has to have O.R. records for both the surgery and the anesthesia.)

That made me really concerned since it "looked like" he might fear medico-legal liability. (e.g. lawsuit? Maybe he has some bariatric lawsuits already pending?! Scary thought. But when the Surgeon won't even talk to people, that looks defensive, doesn't it?)

Doctors are instructed NOT TO TALK TO PATIENTS when there is litigation risk (or if it is pending).

The CMPA (canadian medical protective association; the doctor's malpractice "insurance company") is defensive like that. Crummy for her.


There was a case in a neurology book that I read a while back about woman who got Korsakoff's Syndrome/Wernicke's Syndrome from the after-effects of bariatric surgery: she could not absorb vitamin B1 (thiamin) any longer, due to the tissue removal. (Different portions of the GI Tract absorb different things.)

In the Emergency Room, Docs will order a "banana bag" which is basically a nutritional solution, for people with alcoholism, delirium, or eating disorders or other nutritional deficiencies. (One of the two leading causes of delirium is 'dehydration' or 'electrolyte imbalance'. The other is a silent infection such as a UTI or URI.)

I think people can get shots of Thiamin (B1), and other B Vitamins, etc. if ingesting the vitamins is not enough.

Chromium deficiency or malabsorption, can be a problem, too. (Some of the family friend's "new hypoglycemia problems" improved with chromium supplements.)


I'd never say 'don't have the surgery' because it is not my place to tell any consenting adult, what to do. (Just wanted to make that clear.) It is not my place to judge another person's situation.


I'm suggesting that it is good to find a Surgeon who has done many of these surgeries.

And, if possible, find a Family Doctor who has had several patients who have had Bariatric Surgery, so that they know to Follow up.

Part of the family friend's problem was that her Family Doctor did not know the intricate details of post-bariatric followup. It's pretty complicated stuff. The GI Tract has many many actions and reactions going on...

re: canadian surgeons

There is a way to check for lawsuit filing in Canada. I don't know how to do it though. The Toronto Star Reporters seem to know how to do it. :) {The Toronto Star is investigating several OB/GYN surgeons in the GTA [greater toronto area] who have each messed quite a large number of OB/GYN surgical cases.]

One can also contact the province's "college of physician's and surgeons" to see if there are any "complaints" filed against a Surgeon for medical mistakes. They are the provincial MD licensing body.

03-21-07, 08:44 AM
All lawsuits are public (except in some rare circumstances and when minors are involved). Hence people should normally be able to find information about the parties involved. There are online programs that will make that search for you for a small fee, you just write in the name of the party you are checking on and you will find out if that person was ever involved in a lawsuit, at what court, on what grounds, the decision rendered, etc. You can also ask any legal secretary, legal technician, lawyer friend you have and find the information probably for free (law firms usually pay a monthly fee for unlimited research).

If I remember correctly, the problem is that when a doctor is sued, and if that doctor is a member of the CMPA, it's usually not his or her name that appears in the parties, but the CMPA's. Hence, when you want to know the name of the particular doctor involved, you need to read the court decisions, which are also public, but more easily available through research subscriptions again. So it is really convenient to have a legal staff/lawyer friend to access that information, and I suspect that journalists are subscribed to that kind of service as well. It is their duty to keep the public informed in the end, so that's a good tool for them.

You are right: the information on the gastric bypass was not as available 10-12 years ago as it is now. Today, online forums are abundant, numerous books were printed on the subject and the bypass is highly discussed on talk shows, the news, etc. I don't know why the lap-band is so rarely discussed though.

I once asked a Montreal columnist from the Gazette why she would only talk about the bypass, even the hardcore and super risky dueodenal switch surgery performed at Laval University in Quebec City, but never the lapband. I reminded her that the waiting list for the bypass was about 3-year long (unless one is willing to pay $10,000 for a faster analysis of the file by the surgeon, preop tests done at the private level, and for the preop interviews with a nutritionnist and a psychologist... it is actually an illegal practice but very popular among those who can afford it, and it makes those who can't afford it wait even longer then they normally would... $10,000 will make a 200-pound 30-year-old with no co-morbidity get her surgery after 6 months of waiting, while a 330-pound 52-year-old diabetic woman with sleep apnea and joint problems will wait 3 years if she doesn't have that amount). As for the duodenal switch, the waitiling list is 5 years.

But for the lap-band, the waiting is only between 2 to 10 months in the public sector. Why? Because it doesn't require any stay at the hospital. You arrive in the morning and leave a few hours after your surgery, and you're 100% back to normal within 5 to 7 days after the surgery. Moreover, it is a much shorter surgery, thus anesthesia risks are minimized (but existent nonetheless), the preop tests are not as costly, and the aftercare is also cheaper as medical risks are greatly reduced. That's why the Quebec government decided to cover the cost of the surgery. They realized it was in their own interest to do so.

The bypass is still considered the gold standard in the US, but not anymore over here, and Europe has been favouring the lap-band surgery over the bypass for about 20 years now.

As for me, well I was part of the 1% band slipping stats. My lap-band slipped 6 months after surgery, after a 52-pound weight loss, because I had an unknown small hiatal hernia. So I got a second surgery (covered by the public health system) where the surgeon corrected the hernia and replaced the band. However, that second surgery was more painful, so I was without a lap-band fill for almost a year (and I gained about 15 pounds back), and my band is still not properly adjusted yet 20 months after that second surgery. This is partly due to me not following through on things (yep, the ADHD doesn't go away with a lap-band... lol) and I was also waiting to see what kind of appetite I would have after starting stimulants in February (highly decreased and I lost 9 pounds in a month). My psychiatrist also wants me to start Wellbutrin soon for my PMS mood problems, so that should also do a number on my appetite. Once all that is in order, I'll get my lap-band properly adjusted and weight loss will become eeeeaaaaaaasy again! I just can't weight! ;-)

04-14-07, 06:36 PM
You are lucky to be in Quebec!

Here in Ontario, Complaints and medical malpractice Lawsuits over botched Surgeries are NOT public. :(

Lately, 32 women here in Toronto and Scarborough, botched by ONE SURGEON, just found that out...

(It was abdominal surgery other than bariatrics.)

Some even called the CPSO (licensing body; College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario) and were told this Dr. Austin's record was 'excellent'.

In Ontario, public reporting of hospital quality and safety data ranging from death rates to infection rates in five key areas is expected to begin April 1, 2008.

I believe in disclosure.


I had an injury to my face (nose) repaired when i was 19. No one told me taht they put Silicone Implant into the bridge and tip of my nose. Now I have immune problems and arthritis. (I later found out i had an implant in my nose/face b/c it "shifted". :X)

A lot of important info, like mistakes and injuries, like perforated bowels, gets kept from patients. (And they never find out about it.)

04-19-07, 04:50 PM
I have ADD and am looking at going through a gastric-bypass. For someone who has ADD, how difficult was it to follow the after care directions?

04-27-07, 08:51 PM
You may want to check your insurance to see if you have any coverage for RN homecare afterward. Many people have job healthcare benefits and never use them.

My Mom used to do post-op home nursing and palliative care. She said people (or their spouse) often had work-related benefits they never knew about for homecare, etc.

Try calling your (or your family's) benefits/insurance company and talk to them about your upcoming surgery and needs.

Need be, have the Doctor write a script for nursing care.

Sometimes if people have NO insurance in Ontario, they can get care from CCAC (Community Care Access Centres). Should be in the phone book. They dole out health care and homecare in your county. Call early b/c you might need to be on a wait list or something.

Remind them that it is invasive abdominal surgery, and that your in/outs need to be monitored, risk of n/v, etc etc.

08-13-07, 08:58 AM
Good for you lipz17 I had a gastric band fitted last December. My over eating was definately linked to my ADD . I too would never go back. I have lost 3stone and I feel fantastic. It is staying off as well. It is so nice not to have to obssess all day about food. As if I didn't have enough issues holding me back in my life.