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07-13-06, 01:13 AM
Hello everyone.

I just went to a walk in doctor to talk about my problems. I use to be on Dexedrine as a child but stopped the medication. Anyways, the doctor thinks I'm having a lot of trouble with my ADD but my wait for a referal to a psychriatrist is 6 months!

I tried contacting my old doctor (A child therapist) but his number seems to be out of order, thinking I could get a faster referal out of him. I'm going to College next year, and really need to get back on this in order to concentrate. I was just wondering what I could do to get a faster referal? I'm currently on Accutane, and I know that some of the side effects of accutane are linked to that drug. Maybe I could get one through my dermatologist?


07-13-06, 07:36 AM
Finding ADD information for this country was *NOT* an easy task. Lots of "alternative" and herbal stuff, very little medical.

I do not have the information directly but do have some sources from Canada that may be able to better answer your question.

CHADD in Canada (

Canada version of CHADD, which may be able to give you information of how to find a health care services in your country.

ADD support group in Canada (

You may be able to write this guy and ask him some question.

Search engine results (

Yahoo search, give ya an idea this wasn't easy plus you may find some thng useful I over looked.

Goverments info site (

The goverment site wanted me to register which I can't because I live in US but maybe worth checking out.

Hope this helps.