View Full Version : Missouri is in the South? It is in the Heartland region of the Midwest

07-16-06, 03:01 PM
:confused: This is the first time I ever saw Missouri listed as being in the south, unless they are going by former slave states or something.

I am chuckling right now. When I leave Southern Illinois and go to St. Louis I travel west to go to a "southern state."

Missouri is listed as a midwest state in all the information I have on the midwest, including being in Midwest magazine.

Just an observation.

08-21-07, 07:20 PM
Was thinking the same thing. Missour-ah is a Midwest state. AAMOF - I live pert-near dead center of the US. See, I even speak the language!

08-21-07, 07:27 PM
re: southern concept

Doesn't that have to do with the Civil War? e.g. what side they were on?

Even places as [geographically] north as TN and VA are considered "southern" (were pro-slavery; anti-suffrage; confederate flag, etc), IIRC.

Ofcourse, being Canadian, I could be wrong. LOL


Looks like MO sort of participated in the Secession (1861).