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07-19-06, 06:50 PM
I am starting this thread so everyone can discus books and resources that they have found useful, helpful, essential, or even worthless (so we don't waste our money or time).

The post I had created went into the cyber black hole. I will rewrite it soon and post again.

The resources would not have to be specifically related to ADD. Instead, what has made your teaching time in and out of school, easier, saved you time, etc...

I also suggest that you put the book title, website, and so on in the title of your reply.

07-19-06, 11:34 PM
Helping Adolescents with ADHD and Learning Disabilities
Judith Greenbaum, PhD and Geraldine Markel, PhD
Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Imprint, 2001

28.95 retail, about $10 less at Amazon.
Link to excerpts and other info:

One of the authors has 2 sons with ADHD. Because of their educational background, professional and personal experience, the authors offer a realistic guide for teachers, other school professionals, and parents that will help them address the unique issues involved in teaching students with ADD/LD.

Teachers with and without ADD may be overwhelmed by all the information. However, if you reflect on your teaching practices you will find that you already incorporate many of them in your teaching methods and strategies. It will help you identify areas to improve, add, or modify so you can make reasonable accommodations that empower your students to succeed. It takes time to develop all these skills, so implement them a few at a time.

Key to helping students succeed is the chapter about teaching students self-management. The teacher does not have to do it all. The chapters that I have read thus far include:

The Learning Environment
Reading and Writing in the Content Area
Teaching Homework Completion Skills
Gifted Students with ADHD/LD
Each chapter includes checklists for the teacher, student, and sometimes the parent. They can be photocopied and used "as is," or adapted to your content and classroom needs. This is a very ADD Teacher friendly aspect.

Of particular interest is Appendix A: Problems and Strategies. The authors provide a list of 17 problems with quick references to possible solutions. Instead of having to search through the book for solutions, you can check here first. Another ADD friendly aspect.

Other chapters in the book:

Adolescents with ADHD and/or LD
Understanding the Legal Requirements
Developing IEP's and Section 505 Plans
Behavioral Interventions
Understanding the Role of Medication
Diversity and Parent Involvement
Preparing for the Future
This book will open the eyes and hopefully the hearts of teachers who do not have ADD and/or understand the difficulties students with these disabilities face each day in school.