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07-21-06, 09:16 PM
I am so sensitive to drugs and have unusual or rare side-effects.

Last night, I talked to the pharmacist and found out that my reaction to the trazodone and zoloft combination is very rare. That is why no one recognized it and attributed everything to recurring depression. It really got bad when I started taking stimulants. But you know how we blame ourselves for so much. Plus, I kept telling my docs about my muscle tension and other symptoms-then I was not rehired and got depressed. They upped my zoloft and I got worse.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on the drug interaction while I was checking a new drug the doc wanted me to take because she thought I might be bipolar II. That freaked me out since another doc had ruled it out years ago. She had suggested I did not need the 150mg of zoloft, so I cut back to 100, a few days later I went to 50mg. By this time I was feeling so good-unbelievably good-that I did not refill the zoloft. I am functioning again and feel like a different person.

Do not go off your meds without talking to your doc. I did it because she suggested I do so. I followed instructions and tapered off. However, because of the Serotonin Syndrome, I should have been taken off immediately. I was better within 3 days. At least there is no lasting damage, to my body.

I see an doc closer to home on Tuesday-am a little worried/nervous-need to present myself very professionally and especially watch the talking. I will dress the part-you know about 1st impressions.

I am taking the info about Serotonin Syndrome in with me and very carefully discuss it with her. If she turns out to be a good ADD doc, I will let those in the St. Louis/Metro East area know.

07-21-06, 10:42 PM
you might want to detail your experience a little more so that others have a better chance of spotting it if it should happen to them.

You are really fortunate to have spotted it.

Me :D

07-21-06, 10:49 PM
Thanks Speedo-the link in my last post will take you to the link to the article-Does that make sense? Here is the link, very reliable site.

I am going to detail it for my doc, when I do I will post a version of it on this thread. I see her on Tues-New doc-also a Forensic Psychiatrist. Hope I am not a criminal mind, he he. She listed ADD as a treatment specialty on the hospital referral info. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The name suits you well.:D Swimmingly even.