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07-22-06, 10:16 PM

I'm looking for specific information on what group or doctor to contact regarding proper diagnosis and treatment for adult ADD. I live in Boston and am limited to public transportation (clinics located in Andover, Lexington, etc., are out of the question).

I really need assistance in finding a medical professional that could properly evaluate my symptops and help me. I've been suffering from issues of distractibility, (sometimes severe) inability to focus, mental fatigue, etc., for years now and I'm truly tired of dealing with it.

Or rather, tired of not dealing with it.

My income isn't the greatest, but it's livable. I recently signed up for a basic medical plan and am awaiting my physician directory and medical information packet. Once I get this packet, I still am not sure who to contact/see to get a proper mental evaluation.

In the past, I've used medical only for basic physical check-ups. So I am somewhat ignorant as how to utilize my medical plan and how to pick a doctor.

The research I've done on-line regarding ADD, when it comes to medical treatment you're instructed you to consult your primary care physician.

Maybe this is too big a question, but how do I select the proper physician? I've read horror stories of people consulting doctors that contend with the firm believe ADD does NOT EXIST. Stories of people that have gone through years of agony and frustration only to be diagnosed years later with ADD and treated appropriately.

I'm not looking for a magic pill. But I am looking for something more than advise in following a sensible diet with plenty of exercise.

Help, would be extremely welcomed.

-Rob, 28
Dorchester, MA

07-25-06, 10:25 PM
Hey Rob, I'm Mike, and in about the same boat as you -- mind if I piggyback on your thread? Maybe with some activity it'll get noticed.

I'm trying to get a diagnosed one way or the other for ADHD in or around Boston, ideally on the T or within walking distance from the commuter rail. So I'd be most interested in people who specialize in testing and assessment -- I figure if I get a solid diagnosis then I can start to worry about who'll be doing the treatment (but treatment advice also welcome!). So please, any help totally welcome.