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07-24-06, 10:40 AM
Hello all! :)

Okay well heres my situation, I'm 15 (And a half!) and a lot of weird issues have popped up lately. Ok, well I'll start...

I have suspected that I MAY Have innatetive ADHD For a while. I have a lot of the symptons but I'm still not entirely sure...

1. Disorganization

I am ALWAYS Disorganized. Always always always. Everything around me is usually a complete mess. Sometimes I get in a "Clean" Mode where I want to clean everything and make everything perfect and then the next day its a trash again. I spend ages in the morning looking for stupid little things like keys and money. I know this is really common in people but I thought I'd add it in anyway.

2. Foggy/Clogged mind
Sometimes it feels like my mind is foggy and I cant get a clear thought out, its really annoying and it feels like I'm trapped within my mind and its stupid repetitive thoughts!

Also recently I've noticed this really ODD feeling of detatchment from the world. It feels like I'm not physically there, and everything I do physically is on "Auto-Pilot" And I'm just stuck within my head thinking. Its actually quite scary sometimes (Dont think this is a normal ADHD Symptom..?).

3. Inattentiveness

I can foccus on a lot of things that I enjoy doing, but...Sometimes I find it incredibly hard to take in what people are saying. For example in class I may think "OK, I'm going to listen to the teacher and actually TAKE In what he/she says" Then 10 minutes later I find myself daydreaming and having no with social interaction someone will tell me something and half way through I realize I have no idea what they have just told me, I have to get them to repeat it sometimes even 2 or 3 times. This frustrates me AND other people. "Staring into space, daydreaming".

4. Schoolwork

I see myself as "Smart" And understanding of things, even though I have the BRAIN to do schoolwork and all that...I still cant. I'll avoid schoolwork and just laze around and think meh about it. I'll do anything to get out of pointless work. (Guess this is another common one?)

5. Lethargic

I'm EXTREMELY Lethargic and hardly have any energy. I usually end up napping when I get home from school for a few hours, which really screws my body clock up. I always appear tired/mehish during the day also. This is another thing that frustrates me becaues I just cant be bothered doing anything.

6. Short term memory

Gah! Lately this has been getting horrible. I will go somewhere then realize I dont know what I'm doing here, (rarely though) and sometimes I'll write a word and wonder if thats how its spelt because I cant remember at all. I have trouble even remembering things I've previosly done. (For example JUST Before I had to think really hard about what I did this morning).

There are a couple of other things also, I am really moody (Go through weird bouts of depression/extreme happiness and high confidence/rude and irritable [For example just today someone spilt my drink and I had a massive go at them when usually I would've just shrugged it off])

I think that some of these things are normal for people my age to be going through...But some..Dont seem normal to me. If it matters, my dad has really bad bipolar and I think ADHD And bipolar are kind of linked? I'm not sure.

I've told my Mother about my concentration problems, and shes ready to go see a docter if I feel like I need to....But...I'm not sure.

Any opinions? (Sorry for the long post)


Edit-I Just realized I also have another sympton-Blurting out what I say really fast. Sometimes so fast that people cant really understand what it is. This is really frustrating for me sometimes as I cant really stop it, although most the time I keep it under control....Is this a symptom ?

07-24-06, 11:10 AM
yep everything there is pretty much me, except for the lack of energy which is definatly not me, although I do get really tired when im bored or when ive used alot of mental effort like at school.

You should tell your parents, and if they disagree then you can tell a teacher and they can suggest an evaluation to your parents and they might listen more.

Also find a checklist on the internet, theres loads to choose from, print one off and show whoever you tell (teacher, parents..etc) this will help you explain what you think your symtoms are.

Another idea is too get a journal of some sort and right down things in the day that you think may be to do with adhd and this will show how consistant your symtoms are, which will save alot hassle when you get evaluated.

good luck!

07-24-06, 12:06 PM
Boone1 's advice seems right on target to me also due to your age you will have to include them. If you took an on-line test and showed it to them do you think they will take it seriously?

07-24-06, 12:19 PM
Just to welcome you Red and validate you...I did the auto-pilot thing myself ;) and came back predominantly inattentive when DXed at age 40. If it persists beyond ADD treatment, let me know and maybe I can help you sort it out.

Crazy :)

07-26-06, 05:41 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone!

Crazy feet, what do you mean with the auto pilot thing? You got that also?

Also, with the no energy/fatigue thing...Is that common with people with ADHD? Because I think thats the only thing on there that most other ADDers dont actually have..I say this because sometimes it really bothers me!

Anyway I have an appoitment with the docter soon, so hopefully he can help me out! Is there a chance that its something really small, like..Lacking in something or anything like that?