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mrs A
07-29-06, 08:40 AM
I haven't been on here for awhile. I thought things were going good until my sons meds (Adderall) seemed to have stopped working! I have been trying to find a better dr. A dr at a clinic has put in for an appointment for my husband to see a ADD specialist and has now put in for my son but we haven't heard anything and its been over a month! There has to be more than 1 ADD specialist here in Vancouver Canada! I have been told that 1 isn't taking any new patients in our area and we were sent to a pediatrician but I don't like him. He thinks that because school is out its not important for him to be on meds or to try new ones yet. I am at my wits end with my son. I am feeling like I have to leave I can't deal anymore. Any suggestions? I tried the internet with no luck. I think here in BC we need to be referred to a specialist by a dr as well but I think I can get the clinic to refer me if I can find one.

Mrs A

07-29-06, 10:35 AM

I live in the states. I don't know how the Canadian healthcare system works, but these suggestions are adaptable for most people. Input on manuvering the Canadian healthcare system will be very helpful. I have not seen much information on getting ADD/ADHD treatment north of the border.

DR. Referal ServiceFind out if your hospital has a referal service. Call and talk to the nurse or other personnel. They are trained to listen to your needs. These services do no tell you who the perfect doctor is, bit will give you the names and contact numbers of several who fit your needs. Your job is to call the offices and get more information. I find the office staff very helpful and an reflective of the attitude and personality of the doctor. One service I use will tell you where the Dr. studied, did their residency, how long they have practiced, and this crucial piece of information, if they accept your insurance plan.

Support Group
If there is a support group in your area, this is another good option. Talk to other group memebers and listen to their experiences. Then call the offices and talk to the staff. Make your choice based based on what is right for you.

School Counselor/Special Ed Department
This option is complex and has a few pros and cons. The best thing to do is ask the counselor or special ed teachers who in your area treats people with ADD/ADHD.

School personnel is quite often wary or reluctant to give parents much information. Teachers and administrive employees are at risk of lawsuits and are very cautious to avoid promoting a particular Dr. or type of treatment. If you experience this, don't take it personally, there are many rules and regulations we must follow, and must err on the side of caution. This protects the parents/children and the teacher.

Insurance Company
This option really varies in helpfulness and with the type of plan you are on. In this age of the internet, most insurance companies have a website. The user can pull up lists of doctors in your particular

insurance plan. The names are sorted by specialty, geographic area, and other relevant criteria. After you have a few names, call the offices and then determine which doctor you feel most comfortable seeing. The big plus here is

This is not a comprehensive list. That is what is so great about threads, others can add their experiences and wisdom to the forum. This benefits all of us and is one step in living a fulfilling life as a person with ADD/ADHD.

I hope I have helped you. Add a post later and tell us about your experiences finding a doctor. The good, the bad, and the wonderful.


mrs A
07-29-06, 11:33 AM
Thanks for the suggestions!!! Well from what I have been finding out so far, there isn't much help with ADD up here in our area! It is very frustrating with our dr and specialists. We(Canadians) have affordable medical coverage but stuck to find the drs or when you do there is a 6 month wait. And that is for serious medical problems (heart surgery, transplants, important tests etc) in the big cities!!! ADD is probably way down the line. (my frustrated opinion!) Think if you live in a small town up here!!
I will check out your suggestions and hope for some luck!!
Thanks again
Mrs A